Heat ecologically, wood is the cheapest fuel

The interest in wood fuel is great, there is even a fourfold increase in demand.

Sellers react to the situation in different ways. Some have fuel in stock in stock, others introduce a waiting list, others significantly increase prices, also for the reason of limiting the influx of new orders. That’s why it’s good to familiarize yourself with the market and ask several suppliers at once.

Why pellets?

Wood fuels are popular in the countryside, especially low-income households will appreciate them. The demand for wood or wood pellet boilers is really high, and the good news is that 90% of the installation of new boilers is covered by Czech manufacturers and we are not dependent on imports from abroad.

Czech pellet mills produced even 141,000 tons of wood from January to March 2022, and in addition, around 1.2 million households in our country are heated with firewood.

Photo: Czech pellet cluster

Modern wood gasification boilers have hundreds of percent lower emissions than old solid fuel boilers.

The Czech production of pellets is in a big surplus, even three times more pellets are produced than are consumed, but due to the connected market in Europe and the shortfall of about two million tons from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, this has messed up the prices a lot.

“It would certainly help to better protect domestic strategic raw materials, specifically wood in all forms, against mass exports. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and prices are escalating,” says Vladimír Stupavský from Klastr Česká peleta.

How to save on heating: get a modern fireplace stove and heat ecologically

Commercial articles

Pellets, unlike wood, provide the owner with perfect comfort: they are automatically dosed and added to the boiler, they do not take up much space when stored.

In contrast, the preparation of classic firewood is much more demanding: it requires time and energy, cutting, strength during storage. And you also have to add the boxes yourself.

You know that…

…several dozen types of pellet stoves are sold on the Czech market, is there a larger offer with an air exchanger? Prices range from CZK 25,000.

…an average of about 1,500 pellet stoves are installed here every year, and now the demand has more than doubled?

Pellet stoves solve design problems

Pellet stoves can also become an interior decoration, when you invite designers to the design. The stove can thus be not only a functional but also an aesthetic element, an original piece of furniture. In terms of appearance, they adapt to contemporary tastes, there are soft, rounded lines of ceramics.

Photo: Pinc fireplaces

Toba stoves have rounded ceramic lines, they are an aesthetic element in any interior.

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