Inflation Prague: The municipality will send 266 million to the town halls

In June of this year, the municipality allocated 308 million crowns to help the citizens of Prague threatened by high inflation, and another half a billion crowns for next year.

“We manage responsibly, we don’t spend money on nonsense, and that’s why we are able to help the people of Prague in difficult times. Thanks to the targeted measures and the provided finances, the average family with two children that gets into trouble will be able to save up to 50,000 crowns per year. When the crisis deepens, we are ready to extend aid even further. We will not let anyone fall,” said Deputy Mayor Pavel Vyhnánek (Praha Sobě).

Prague 4, which is the largest city district, will receive the highest contribution. She will receive 24.52 million crowns from the municipality. The second highest amount will be received by the City Hall of Prague 5, which will receive CZK 21.94 million. A little over 20 million CZK will be given to both the Prague 8 town hall and the tenth city district.

The municipality will distribute the money in five categories, which are meals, school fees, groups and clubs, a contribution to a social pedagogue and a solidarity fund, to which this year the town hall receives a contribution of 240 crowns per pupil from the municipality, and the allocation of money is decided by the directors of schools and other institutions that receive the money . The largest amount of money is intended for the first three measures, to which almost 211.1 million CZK will go. The smallest amount is intended for social pedagogues.

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