Autumn road restrictions in the region. Where are traffic jams and traffic lights holding up drivers?

These days, workers are also repairing a 1,750-meter-long section of the busy I/50 road near Starý Hrozenkov from the water reservoir to the state border. Traffic there is controlled by shuttles and traffic lights, which is why traffic is heavy there.

“There are queues, but it’s intermittent depending on the type of work the workers are currently doing on the road. Drivers should expect a delay of 15-30 minutes,” Starý Hrozenkov mayor Milan Vaculík told Deník. The RSD plans to complete the work there by the end of September.

Work also started on the repair of the bridge over the Rusava River in Hulín on the I/55 road. From Monday, September 5, the work will no longer be complete without the complete closure of this section.

“The bypass route in the direction of Kroměříž for vehicles with a design speed higher than 80 km/h will be free of charge along the D1 and D55 highways. The bypass route for vehicles with a design speed of less than 80 km/h will be on the road through Tlumačov and Kvasice,” pointed out Lucie Trubelíková.

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Traffic is also blocked by the repair of the bridge over the Sovík stream on the I/35 road near Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. There, drivers drive over the unrepaired half of the bridge. The RSD would like to finish the work in November.

The workers are also securing the slope against a landslide on the I/57 road in front of the village of Lidečko.

“The work on the unstable slope is practically finished. It did not significantly slow down traffic, but we are still expecting the next phase of activities in connection with the modification of the road surface,” said the mayor of Lideček, Vojtěch Ryza. According to the ŘSD, the assumption of completion is in November.

The bridge on the I/57 road over the Brumovka river in front of Valašské Klobouky is also being repaired.

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“Work is expected to start in mid-September, when we will start building the temporary bridge. The work will take place outside the road, traffic will not be restricted. After the approval of the provisional, we will transfer the carriage to it in the 1+1 mode and start the demolition work. The construction of the new bridge will continue in the next construction season,” explained Lucie Trubelíková.

The start of repair of the surface of road I/49 in the section from the Zádveřice motor station to the intersection with road II/492 is expected by the ŘSD by the end of September. Traffic will be shuttled and controlled by traffic lights. He will specify the exact date of the start of work.

During September, the repair of the surface of the I/50 road on the bridge overpass in Kunovice should also begin. Road officials will inform drivers about the exact start date of the works and related traffic restrictions.

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