Televisions attract original series

Not only Cases of the 1st Department, which returns to the screens after six years with new cases and new faces in the proven investigative team, but Czech Television will offer people. Another novelty, which will be broadcast from Sunday, September 11, is the four-part miniseries by director Jan Hřebejk Background of Events. Hřebejk collaborated on it with Michal Sýkora and Petr Jarchovský, and it is not a classic detective story.

“I think it’s actually a psychological comedy about men and women and the changing gender formula, the changing status of masculinity and femininity. The crime serves as the catalyst for the story. The female characters are dominant and I think they are stronger than the men in our miniseries,” said Hřebejk. In the miniseries, viewers will see Jiří Havelka, Petra Hřebíčková, Jitka Čvančarová and Martha Issová.

In the fall, Czech Television will also broadcast the new film Crime on the Border, which was created in cooperation with the Austrian ORF television. Its story, location and cast are also Czech-Austrian. “After a successful collaboration on the narrative miniseries Maria Theresa, my colleagues from the Austrian public broadcaster ORF agreed on mutual interest in continuing joint projects in the field of television drama. The crime at the border is the first of them, and there are others under discussion,” said Jan Maxa, Director of Development and New Media at CT.

Photo: TV Prima archive

The Bitter World series on Prime.

Nova and Voyo: a pelmel of genres

On TV Nova and on Voyo, Obchodní dům will be shown, a narrative series from the period before the Second World War, or a series about how Martin Pechlát as a father in trouble tries to find love again despite three daughters who have decided to move back into his life. The miniseries Hojer, mapping the cases of Czechoslovak criminalist Jiří Markovič, the continuation of the Iveta series or the espionage thriller Extractors are also planned from the Voyo Original workshop. The return of Criminal Angel is also being prepared.

“During the last few months, we have become the largest and most dynamic development center for feature creation in the Czech Republic. We are preparing series of various genres – from comedy to family to crime – or miniseries based on real events. Projects more cautious and more daring. We collaborate on them with the most important independent producers on the market,” said Michal Reitler, director of content development at Televize Nova and Voyo.

In the fall, Voyo will premiere the miniseries Král Šumava, filmed by director David Ondříček with Oskar Hes in the lead role, and the comedy series Gumy by director Karin Krajčo Babinská with Richard Krajč and David Švehlík.

Photo: Jan Handrejch, Law

From the filming of Krále Šumava, which will be on Voyo.

Prima: series and shows

The series Pálava, presented by Prima, is a free continuation of Winemakers, the series Bitter World takes viewers into the environment of a family microbrewery. Both series are connected by the name of the actor Bolek Polívka, who plays one of the main roles in them. Prima is also preparing a series from the television environment Dobré práby for the autumn screens.

“We have increased investment in our own original creations not only on the main station, but also on the thematic channels,” said Marek Singer, CEO of the Prima Group. In his words, he considers not only the mentioned series to be the seven pillars of Prima’s autumn program, but also the continuation of Zoo, the show My husband can do it, the talk show Once You’re Down, Once Up from Prima Cool and the reality show Česká Miss Essens from Prima Show.

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