Theft for hundreds of thousands: A mother with her children was approached by an unknown man, the other took her purse

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/VIDEO, PHOTOGALLERY/ The woman put her purse on the front seat of the car and went to strap the children into the seats. She was just returning from shopping. An unknown man approached her and started asking her about the way to the museum. Meanwhile, another stole her purse unnoticed.

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Theft of a handbag in Prague 1.

| Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

The event happened at the end of August in Široká Street in Prague. When the woman tried to explain the way to the museum to the unknown man, she was also busy putting the children in their seats. Stealing a purse with valuables was not a problem for the other man at that moment. The woman suffered damage exceeding one hundred thousand crowns.

Source: Police of the Czech Republic

“She found out that she had been robbed only when she got behind the wheel. However, none of the men were already at the scene,” described police spokesman Richard Hrdina.

On the footage from the cameras, the police noticed four men communicating with each other, although at first glance it seems that they do not know each other. “Immediately after the theft, the pair of men pass an unspecified object to each other behind a parked van, which was standing nearby,” the spokesman added.

The municipal court in Prague started hearing the case of Jiří Dvořák, who shot a female employee of the employment office, already at the end of June.

Dvořák, who shot at the labor office, was sentenced to life in prison by the court

“If you recognize any of the men on the recording, or if you have any information about their movements, please contact 158,” Hrdina urged the public.

The perpetrator faces up to two years behind bars.

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