The 1st Ward cases saw record viewership. They broke a ten-year record

“Monday’s first episode of the third season of Cases of the 1st Department averaged 1 million and 321 thousand viewers 15+, reaching an audience share of 34.70%. The cases thus became the most watched news of the autumn Monday crime window in the last ten years,” its spokeswoman Karolína Blinková told Novinkám for ČT.

Television is showing a third, new series of criminal cases after six years. Initially, she considered that she would quit after the second row. However, the interest of viewers and actors in the sequel was so great that she decided to make other parts.

Cases 1. Department 3: When do they start, who will appear and what awaits the audience?


Vetchý also wanted new parts

Actor Ondřej Vetchý, who plays Major Tomáš Kozák, was also in charge of filming them. He does not hide the fact that he repeatedly called one of the screenwriters, Josef Mareš, to write new cases for television. “In the end, he was convinced,” he told reporters.

It is also interesting that the men knew each other even before the filming of the first series of Cases of the 1st Department. They met during another filming, namely the film Nevinnost (2011) directed by Jan Hřebejk.

When Mareš then started writing scripts for the now very successful ČT crime series, he wanted Vetchý to play him. Which subsequently happened.

Photo: archive of Czech Television

Today begins the third series of Cases of the 1st Department, including Ondřej Vetchý and Bolek Polívka. Photo: archive of Czech Television

“I think that Pepík tried to reflect on his departure from the police in the new works,” the actor recently assessed, saying that “civilian” excused him. In vain.


Who is your favorite character in Division 1 Cases?

Tomáš Kozák (Ondřej Vetchý)

Josef Korejs (Miroslav Hanuš)

Václav Plíšek (Bolek Polívka)

Peter Anděl (Petr Stach)

Martin Pražák (Filip Blažek)

Dušan Vrána (Igor Chmela)

I am looking forward to the new reinforcement, Adéla Čulíková (Barbora Bočková)

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Josef Mareš now works at the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes.

Listen to the podcast launched their own podcast the day after the first episode was broadcast. It is based on memories and narratives of cases investigated by Jan Štoček, a former operative from Prague’s first department. It’s called Life Thieves.

The first series contains six parts and is published from September 6, i.e. every Tuesday, on the server and in podcast applications. Coincidentally, the first episode deals with the same case as the first part of the new series Cases of the 1st Department. The listeners can thus learn how the investigation really took place directly from the mouth of the operative at the time – Jan Štoček. The actual solution took place differently. The series works with artistic license for individual cases.

Recidivists, sadists, murderers. They have one thing in common. They destroy the lives of everyone around their victims and steal the lives not only of them, but also of the survivors. Listen to the story of the former captain and member of the Prague murder party – Jan Štoček.

Interesting facts of the 1st part of the Cases of the 1st department

– The house of horror, where Oscar-winning director Jiří Menzel grew up. Directly in the house in Strašnice, where a double murder took place in 2004, director Jiří Menzel was born and spent his childhood. Later, in a television documentary, he blurted out that he had heard that the perpetrators not only cooked the victims, but perhaps also ate them… Well, they didn’t.

– Role for Karel Šíp. As part of the plot, the creators needed to send Kozák to an entertaining show, where he will become slightly incapacitated under the pressure of nervousness. Všechnoparty and Karel Šíp were their first choice. Compared to the scenario with Ondra Vetchý, they improvised a little towards the end. There was no allusion to Slavia in the script. Josef Mareš was also in Všechnoparty years ago.

– That the workers used a saw they found while clearing the house where the perpetrators were cutting up the victims, that really happened. The fact that they cut bread with her is a recycled joke that was originally supposed to be in the 1st part of the first series, but then this detail was dropped in the editing room. He only fit now.


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