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Prague’s Mystic Skatepark in Štvanice offered not only a change of space (when it replaced the premises of the Prague market in Holešovice after several seasons), but a change in the overall atmosphere and a look at the local fashion week. As soon as I arrive at this non-traditional, but permanent and iconic space, the unfolding scene offers me especially the teenage and young generation, which sets the direction of the street style of adjacent and main areas of fashion events.

How did the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week go? Check it out in the video:

Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week SS 23 • VIDEOS: Videohub/ Kristýna Juřicová

Pleiades of fans before the start of the first swallow – i.e. the collection from the designer and student of UMPRUM Tobias Schubert, offers many extravagant models, but also those with considerable support from the designer himself. Before the launch of the brand collection presentation Tobias Equipment, which signs the artistic signature of the young designer, has fans in the crowd dressed in his models. They call, just like the individual models on the catwalk later, after virtual reality, the world of games, science fiction and digital illusions. And this idea, the fascination with the 3D world of illusion, cannot help but look at tight-fitting clothes with prints that emphasize the intimacy of the body.

After all, she was hallmark of designer Glenn Martens’ collection, which he presented in his collection at the beginning of the year at Men’s Paris Fashion Week. It was characterized by models with graphic prints of male and female bodies that resembled a heat map that brought a voyeuristic view of the forbidden fruit with a certain amount of imagination about what is hidden under the layers of clothing. Historically, the designer is primarily known for this illusionistic view of the naked body Jean-Paul Gaultierwhich also explains the recent collaboration between these two foreign design talents.

But back to our Tobias. Even though the already mentioned sci-fi aspects and virtual reality attributes dominated the collection, it is clear from the street style that the models can be combined with everyday pieces. So, for example, tight leggings and a crop top with long sleeves together with a jacket and booties, as chosen by the well-known influencer and photographer Anastassiya. Together with long strass earrings, the model looks abnormally tasteful and elegant, which might not seem so at first glance. In Tobias’s collection, we can see not only these pieces, but also bodies, crop tops, hip biker pants or tight dresses with a high stand.

A few hours later, science fiction was replaced by pure joy. It will come as no surprise that a smile was the main theme of the private brand ZOOT.lab, which during the presentation offered shirts, loose elegant trousers, a pleated mini skirt, a jacket or a loose dress with longer sleeves. The main inspiration was combining, which reached a higher level. “With the collection, we show the strength of the brand and are based on the dominant global fashion trends. The area of ​​Ostrova Štvanice inspired us during creation, and its skate atmosphere is clearly reflected in the collection,” says Jakub Feranec, stylist and street style photographer of the ZOOT brand.

On the second day of the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week, the skatepark was refreshed by the shows students from the Tomas Bata University in Zlínespecially then Žofie Soldánováwhich offered a color palette of vibrant colors that has a therapeutic effect to our perceptions. The models consisted of light dresses, trousers, skirts and crop tops in sophisticated cuts.

In contrast, they mostly started later heavy materials such as wool, taffeta or velvetwith whom he worked in the collection Tomáš Nemeca student of the Prague UMPRUM Clothing and Footwear Design Studio and winner of the VAN GRAAF Junior Talent 2022 competition for budding fashion designers. Not only with typical materials, but also geometric shapes and a striking palette of colors he let himself take inspiration from the 60s. Above all, the film musical Lady on the Tracks from 1966, led by Jiřina Bohdalová. The essence of these years in a visual form offered 14 models that make up very feminine dresses, corsets, but above all mini-length skirts, which were in playful and feminine contrast with ultra-high sock boots.

The highlight of the day was none other than Jakub Polanka with your collection Silence before the storm. And indeed she did. The dramatic silence accompanied by aspects of the storm was no longer palpable. It is not surprising that it is music that sets the direction of the artist’s work. And he revealed much more than a breathtaking collection consisting of variable dresses, skirts, bombers and jackets. In front of everyone’s eyes, she moved backstage to the main show runway and the designer himself and his team changed the models during the show. From the 12 basic models, their iterations were created by transforming them, suddenly increasing the number to 36.

She then dominated the third day of the parade marathon full time diva, designer Vanda Janda, which turned the skatepark into a pink session. Anyone who wasn’t wearing a pink dress code probably felt out of place. The designer has gained a strong personal brand and continuity over several seasons. In the collection, she presented wearable pieces for teenage girls and mature women – from tweed suits, jackets, party dresses to playful crop tops complemented by bombers and shirt jackets.

Check out the best looks from the shows in our photo gallery:

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