Trying to rejuvenate the image. KDU-SL has proposed a change, including a new name

Trying to rejuvenate the image. KDU-SL has proposed a change, including a new name
Trying to rejuvenate the image. KDU-SL has proposed a change, including a new name

Kesant Democrat. Folks. People’s Party of Slovakia. Kesansk and Democratic Union – People’s Party of Slovakia. These are the names associated with one of the oldest parties in the Czech Republic, dating back to 1919.

Since then, it has gone through many changes. The last one is related to the year 2019, when after one hundred years the people voted to change the name of the party at the party’s general congress in Brno. The Kesansk and Democratic Union – Slovakia People’s Party thus became only the KDU-SL.

Former chairman Marek Vborn stated at the time that the reason for the change was to adapt to the standard of the political scene.

Now the party is talking with Marian Jureka about further changes. We are considering a specific form of rebranding. However, it is not possible to say at this time whether it will be a matter of rebranding the appearance or we will go into the same detail, stated the spokeswoman of the party, Lucie Jetkov.

We are one of the oldest parties in the Czech political scene, it is so natural that debates about rebranding will arise from time to time. On the other hand, KDU-SL represents the certainty of conservative values ​​such as family and respect for products, which have their place in every democratic society. However, a potential rebranding will always be based on internal discussions between the parties, and nothing can be done at this time, added Jetkov.

The way to the People?

According to him, there are only discussions in the parties about different monoties and variants. And therefore, for example, about whether it is possible not to sever the age-old problem of the name of Lidovce and thus get rid of the abbreviation, which somehow evokes the fact that the KDU-SL is a party for vc.

Jurek passed the keslo fa. Prepare steps to help families and self-supporters

Specifically, the party leader wants to open this issue after the upcoming municipal elections, i.e. in June. In June, we will gradually start talking about it, we will have various meetings at the level of the presidency, the overall committee, the overall conference, said party vice-president and senator rka Jelenkov.

She personally would be in favor. I would like to make some changes soon, I would say that once in a while it is your turn to look aside and start rebranding. I think the word of the people is true because we are really a party for ordinary people who try to take responsibility for their lives, she added. As for the word “Kesansk” in the name, it should be noted that the party is not connected to the church in any way. It is only a question of values, the party bases its policy on them, but also among the electorate.

The deputy chairman of the party, Brno representative Petr Hladk, saw it similarly. He pointed out that the media often refer to his party only as the People’s Party, and the answer to that is the translation into English, which is the People Party. I founded a youth organization and we called it Mlad Lidovci, here in Brno we are running under the coalition of Lidovci and Starostov. So from these two signals you can derive my vision, she said.

He makes a stupid argument that the world is moving. I think that we are essentially a people’s party, a party that comes out of Oban society. The name Lidovci is much closer to the sides, as I understand it, he said. He also reveals that this does not mean a departure from the value stream of the party. We are building the Kesansk democracy, he added.

However, the proposal does not have unequivocal support. Marek Vborn, the chairman of the party and the current chairman of the KDU-SL parliamentary club, was against the situation. I do not support this change. I don’t think it would be full on the order of the day, she said. According to him, the current name completely corresponds to his ideological anchoring.

Change of logo, colors

Party members debated the change of name at the last congress, which took place in April this year. The first mayor, Jan Bartoek, told Hospodsk noviny at the time that the name change was no longer so important.

The name of the party is not what the election result did. The result in the elections will be when you will have politicians in charge who can help people and speak intelligibly so that it is clear what they want. For me, it’s not about changing the name of the party, but about helping people, he said in an interview.

According to political scientist Jan Kubek, the debate about rebranding the party has been going on for a long time. According to him, the young generation, including MPs and MEPs, will open up the darkness.

Repentance does not exist, let’s drop it from the list, the people’s judgment

If the people of Lidovce really decided to do this, it must be combined with a major change in style, he explained that, for example, changing the name to Lidovce makes no sense to him. It’s full of zait, he noted. There is a problem with abbreviations today. People follow things intuitively, they are set to a clear and understandable name. The time for shortcuts has passed, he added.

Hladk points out that the debate will not only concern the name change. We want to focus on the future of KDU-SL this winter. Clem is not changing the name or rebranding, it is a means, he pointed out. According to him, in the last five to ten years, a lot of young people have joined the party. The party is dynamic and therefore it is important to have you strategically.

This is also confirmed by Vborn. It will be part of the debate on program priorities for the future, ekl. Jelenkov points out that there is also a change in the logo and color, which is now characterized by a combination of yellow and blue.

But whether the debate will actually lead to change is not certain. I don’t know if this is Vtina’s view of Jelenkov, when he mentions his own support for the proposal. And you Vborn spe court, that vtina will only be against. The chairman of the party, Marian Jurek, did not respond to questions from the editors.

The website is registered every day. And that since 2010, currently until June 2023.

A logo that expresses emotions

Even the logo of the Kesansk Democrats has undergone many changes since 1919. The last time was in 2012, when the party presented a stylized linden leaf. At that time, the party used the logo from 1992, when it was a globe.

The stick should be an understandable symbol for everyone. The Kesant democrat thereby declares himself to his own tradition and national pride. Lapa has strong roots, which requires a relationship with traditions, sept with land, with the countryside and with the hometown, explained the change of the then chairman Pavel Blobrdek.

KDU-SL logo

According to Komnk, the logo doesn’t really make sense. It is a graphic abbreviation of the brand, which is used to define relationships, emotions or behaviors. Therefore, the logo must always fit the specific brand and fulfill certain tasks. There is something interesting about the KDU-SL logo – the new logo, which was originally supposed to depict a linden leaf. However, the logo was messed with by foreigners, who said to put one extra hand in the leaf so that the apple would form a k. But the shape of the leaf remained, and thanks to that, the logo often became an eyesore among female experts. The eye was created and the last hand was first raised, the expert described.

Tradition and excellence

According to political marketing expert Karel Komenko, it is not often that a party changes its name or logo. A pesto bag is nothing unusual. Parties must respond to new challenges, shifts in society, developments in aesthetic trends and a number of technical changes. For example, today, every day, you can meet a random person with the logo of a party in a centimeter circle – in the profile photo on social networks on a mobile phone. This is not the only reason why logos need to be easily modernized or completely changed once in a while, he noted.

According to him, parties typically approach rebranding in times when they have a problem or after a scandal and want to distance themselves from the characters that are hurt. The option is given if repositioning is needed, i.e. it is simplified and occupied in another part of the market, where there will be more choice. First of all, people should have an idea of ​​what the purpose of such a change is and where they want to move, he explained.

Similar to Kubek, he also stated towards the KDU-SL that if the party wants a change, it should not only consider changing the name of the party. It should also focus on the values ​​of the site itself and the visuals of the site.

The name is only one of the many components of modern brands. At first glance, the People’s Party has a bit of an acronym, it is not a current bn, but that is the bottom of traditions dating back to 1919. A potential vt bloc for a number of voters is certainly the word Kesansk in the name and the overall conservative ideology, i.e. the values ​​and the people who side associate, described.

According to Komnek, the rebranding will drive away a whole bunch of new voters. The YES movement stated as a pledge. It entered the political scene as a party of entrepreneurs, but it gradually fell in love with the old voters, who over the years voted for SSD and left-wing parties. This was clearly not about rebranding, just repositioning, he said.

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