Even after three and a half hours, the representatives of Prague do not have an adjusted meeting agenda

Even after three and a half hours, the representatives of Prague do not have an adjusted meeting agenda
Even after three and a half hours, the representatives of Prague do not have an adjusted meeting agenda

Prague – Today, even after about three and a half hours, the representatives of Prague did not approve the revised program of the continuing constituent meeting. In the discussion on supplementing the program approved at the last meeting, they argued about some of the materials to be added to the agenda. At the same time, they argued and blamed each other for the fact that even two months after the elections, a new coalition was not formed at the municipality. The constitutive meeting began on November 3, the newly elected representatives interrupted it because there was no agreement on a new coalition. According to the statements of some representatives, it should be interrupted for the second time today, namely until December 15.

A long discussion arose as to whether 14 council committees should be established and their members elected. The proposal was submitted by the Spolu coalition (ODS, TOP 09 and KDU-ČSL) and was supported in particular by ANO and SPD. Then some members of Praha Sobě and Pirátů opposed it, who considered the creation of committees unnecessary. “On the contrary, the committees should have been here a long time ago. We should have been working at this moment for a long time,” said representative and mayor of Prague 9 Tomáš Portlík (ODS).

The representatives blamed each other for the fact that a coalition has not yet been formed. Representatives of Spolu accused Praha Sobě and the Pirates, who have concluded the Alliance of Stability and proceed unitedly in the negotiations, for this. On the contrary, they identified Spolu as the cause of the situation. Both sides then accused each other that it is the other that is “whining” about the current situation. “The winner of the election and the one who came in second have enough votes to form a coalition, so here they whine that the fourth in the election is blocking negotiations,” said representative Kristýna Drápalová (Praha Sobě). “I didn’t notice that I was whining here,” answered the chairman of Spolu representatives, Zdeněk Zajíček.

The Spolu coalition won the municipal elections in Prague this year, winning 19 mandates in the 65-member council. ANO ended second with 14 mandates. The third Pirates have 13 representatives. Čtvrtá Praha Sobě has 11 mandates, five representatives have STAN in fifth place. Sixth is the SPD with three mandates. Coalition negotiations in the metropolis began immediately after the September elections, but have not moved forward yet. The ex-officio council is controlled by three committees established at the constitutive meeting of representatives.

Fiala: I have a feeling that negotiations about the management of Prague will not last long

As an outside observer, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) feels that negotiations on the new leadership of Prague should not take long. According to him, the situation has reached a state where the public legitimately expects that someone will start managing the capital. Fiala prefers that the same coalition governs in Prague as at the government level, the Prague coalition Together is not considering another option, according to him. The Prime Minister told journalists before leaving for the Visegrad Prime Ministers’ meeting in Košice.

The Prime Minister is convinced that a coalition in the form of a government model is achievable in Prague. However, according to him, the agreement on it requires an open approach on the part of potential coalition partners as well. “I hope that everyone will try to ensure that Prague has a new leadership as quickly as possible,” he said.

According to Fiala, no one is satisfied with the length of negotiations on the Prague government. According to him, it is not easy to find an agreement between the parties when some of them were in the opposition during the last election period and others were in the city management. “But I think that those things can be overcome and that Prague will see new leadership very soon,” he noted.

According to the Prime Minister’s “personal feeling as an outside observer”, the unclear situation in Prague should not last long. According to him, the situation has already reached such a state that the Prague public rightly expects that someone will start managing the capital and that the election results will be reflected in the city’s leadership.

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