Ukraine lowers the age for mobilization to 25 years. Zelenskyy gives in to pressure

Ukraine lowers the age for mobilization to 25 years. Zelenskyy gives in to pressure
Ukraine lowers the age for mobilization to 25 years. Zelenskyy gives in to pressure

Deputies adopted the amendment to the law on conscription and military service last May, but the president did not sign it then. According to some, this was also the reason for the dispute with the army commander, who then dismissed Zalunho. Zelenskha’s signature came after ten months.

The law enters into force the day after publication. According to the dream of the age of the border, a relatively large group of young people in their twenties and twenty-six years will be formed, who will now be able to be called up for the army. As of April 3, it will be possible to issue permitting orders, the RBK-Ukraine server concluded.

Last December, Zelenskyi said that the head of the army proposed to mobilize 500 thousand Ukrainians in a situation where Russia increased the flows. Last month, however, the new commander-in-chief Oleksandr Syrskyi told the Ukrinform agency that the army would have to mobilize many soldiers to defend against a Russian invasion, which was not what was originally expected.

It is not known how much the army could lose thanks to this law. According to Eurostat data from 2016, there were one million boys aged 10 and 14 in Ukraine in 2011, so they should be 23 and 27 this year. Two years of these could be estimated to cover the required 500,000 conscripts, but it is a theoretical maximum that does not correspond to various factors of reality.

Many of these boys no longer go for various reasons, they could have been sent abroad before the Russian invasion. Many families then fled Ukraine when the wolf started.

A few days ago, the Reuters agency stated that the mobilization into the Ukrainian army is hampered by the decreasing willingness to fight, as well as the corruption and unselected entry and exit in the mobilization centers.

After a summer counter-offensive that did not lead to a decisive breakthrough, the Ukrainian army found itself under pressure in the fall from the return flow of Russian troops. They succeeded in conquering the eastern Ukrainian city of Avdijivka in a hole, representing with its fortifications a point of support for the Ukrainian lines on a front over a thousand kilometers long.

With some exceptions, a postponement is allowed, including:

  • reserved profession
  • I have a medical condition
  • I am born with three and more minor children
  • I give birth to children with disabilities and give birth to sick children
  • guardians of disabled persons or persons with disabilities
  • a mother with a minor child if their wife has done military service

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