Terror near Moscow: The Russians had an absolutely accurate tip from the US


The warning about a possible attack by the so-called Islamic State against a large number of civilians in Russia was very specific, WP wrote, noting that such specific warnings are not usually given by the US to foreign countries for fear of giving away their sources.

US officials spoke to the newspaper on condition of anonymity. The US National Security Council, which previously announced without further notice that the warning was about a possible attack in Moscow, refused to publicly comment on the new WP information.

The new information directly contradicts what Moscow claimed after the Krasnogorsk attack – namely that US warnings were too general to help prevent the attack.

The perpetrators of the massacre near Moscow received money from Ukraine, the Russians claim. IS again claimed responsibility for the attack

The war in Ukraine

Information published after the bloodshed at Crocus City Hall revealed that there were no heightened security measures in place.

In addition, Russian media reported that specialized police units arrived at the scene more than an hour after the shooting began and then waited more than 30 minutes before entering the burning building, by which time the attackers had already fled the scene, WP noted.

Putin dismisses alert as ‘blackmail’

Already on March 8, the American embassy in Moscow publicly warned of a possible terrorist attack in the Russian capital. Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly called it “blackmail” and an attempt to “intimidate and destabilize” Russian society just three days before the March 22 attack.

The Russian emergency squad arrived at the scene of the massacre an hour and a half after everything was over


Hours after the terrorists struck in Krasnogorsk, Russian authorities arrested the four main suspects, citizens of Tajikistan, who appeared in court in an emaciated state with indications that they had been subjected to torture.

In addition to them, the Russian authorities have arrested several other people whom they accuse of helping the attackers. The group known as the Islamic State-Khorasan, which, among other things, also attacks targets in Afghanistan controlled by the fundamentalist Taliban movement, has claimed sole responsibility for the attack several times.

However, Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin, have repeatedly accused Ukraine of helping to plan the attack in Krasnogorsk. Russian representatives also blame Western countries, including the USA and Britain, for the same.

The Islamic State is 95 percent behind the attack near Moscow. But doubts remain



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