Doctors released Zeman from the hospital – News

Doctors released Zeman from the hospital – News
Doctors released Zeman from the hospital – News

“Miloš Zeman was released to home care today,” Pavlína Danková, spokeswoman for the Motol hospital, said in a press statement.

Doctors assessed Zeman’s condition before the Easter holidays as stabilized and gradually improving. According to the doctors, the current findings are favorable, the ex-president is able to walk in a walker “with improving condition”.

“If everything goes well, he will be released tomorrow,” said Alzheimerhome board member, Zeman’s doctor and former ODS politician Boris Šťastný in an interview with Seznam Zprávám on Tuesday.

“Subsequently, we will take him (Miloš Zeman) over, our general practitioners will commute to see him, we will indicate care and there will be nurses again – home care – who will mainly help him with rehabilitation,” he added.

A fragile patient

The doctors from the Motol hospital, who have been taking care of Zeman since March 14, did not want to estimate the release date yet last week. Also because the 79-year-old ex-president is a “fragile patient”.

He was hospitalized due to critical lack of blood in his leg. When the arteries were blocked, the doctors discovered many blood clots, which they removed. However, due to swelling of the leg, the limb had to be cut in several places. According to the doctors, the wounds are healing well. He gradually began to rehabilitate with the help of a walker and support, and according to hospital doctors, his “vitality” is improving.

“We are focusing on rehabilitation with the goal of verticalization and mobility, still with the support of a walker,” Motola spokeswoman Pavlína Danková said before the Easter holidays.

Miloslav Roček, head of the clinic for imaging methods, who is a member of the nine-member medical council, said that the thrombosis may recur in the seventy-nine-year-old Zeman and it is necessary to adjust the treatment to reduce the risk.

The ex-president suffers from neuropathy of the legs, which manifests itself, among other things, in the inability and numbness of the legs. It is also treated with diabetes. In the past, he was repeatedly hospitalized due to health problems.

Zeman’s vitality is improving


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