People are waiting to say goodbye to Albta II., the queue for the coffin is seven kilometers long

People are waiting to say goodbye to Albta II., the queue for the coffin is seven kilometers long
People are waiting to say goodbye to Albta II., the queue for the coffin is seven kilometers long

According to the data from the early morning, the descent reached approximately to Blackfriars Bridge, and was therefore about two kilometers long. Around midday the line lengthened and reached London Bridge. An hour later, it reached Tower Bridge and thus reached a length of over five kilometers. In the afternoon, the front marched seven kilometers.

According to The Telegraph, the crowd was moving at a speed of about 800 meters per hour. The government informs about the current length of the queue at

. After hours, SEL said that the queue ends near Bermondsey, just behind Tower Bridge, and is 4.3 miles long, i.e. less than seven kilometers.

We would easily expect 50 hours in children and snow. It is an unrepeatable event that we will never experience in our lifetime, according to the tattooed Briton Alex, who had to say goodbye to the queen.

Along the way, the organizers herded people into a winding corridor and some became a little nervous. If you have the impression that someone is just a little ahead, give him a warning and let him move in his place.

At Blackfriars Bridge, the pace of progress accelerated so much that the queue could not be distinguished from normal traffic, the editor of reported from the city. Some people even chased the crowd, and the organizers in purple vests did not stop to check the dogs with salt poad, who have a march on their hands.

The Queen’s coffin is displayed in the Westminster Abbey, and the outside is made of flowers, such as roses, but also of conifers from the gardens of the Scottish Balmoral Castle, where the Queen’s house is 8th from the ground.

Emotional life

People who paid their respects to the queen on Thursday described it as an emotional experience. We paid tribute to him with our armed forces. There is silence in the room where the queen is. I froze in front of the coffin. At that moment, it hit me, described Londoner Lena, whose son works in the British military.

As soon as you stand on those stairs, it’s a sla, full of shit. And then, when the moment hits us, we sing it, described in the morning broadcast of the BBC station the moments after entering the Westminster session of two women who came out of the parliament.

Until the hunter gets there, he doesn’t fully know… It was very intense, overwhelming and real, said twenty-two-year-old Bose Panama, who spent the whole night in the queue, to The Telegraph. I have the feeling, however, that my hair for ten hours fades and looks quite insignificant compared to those seventy years, she added, referring to the seven hundred years that Albta II. ruled Britain.

I did it to pay tribute to that house, said 20-year-old Thomas Hughes to the Reuters agency, who spent 13 hours in the queue to the parliament.

You can also watch the broadcast from Westminster Hall via video stream. At night, a situation was also seen on the shores, when one of the lions, which does not touch the coffin with hunger and sleep every twenty minutes, collapsed.

kla tv who stood in line for hours is irok. There are old veterans who proudly wear their medals. There are young and old. The clan cries, others have tears in their eyes, wrote BBC reporter Nick Eardley.

A day of rest for dwarves

According to British media, it is expected that King Charles III, who accompanied the Queen’s coffin on the way from Buckingham Palace in the center together with his family, will have a private day of reflection on Thursday. In the middle he retired to his seat, Highgrove House, where he was not called to public duties on Thursday.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, namely William and his wife Catherine, will go to the Sandringham estate on Thursday, where they will look at the messages that the Queen and his family have left there. The King’s sister, Princess Anna, visited Scotland, where she met with representatives of organizations of which the Queen was a patron.

Thursday should be a bit quieter than the previous days, during which a number of festive events took place accompanying the death of the queen. The public can say goodbye to the queen in person until Monday morning.

The last lunch will be for the family only

Charles III and his siblings will hold a vigil at the Queen’s coffin on Friday. The funeral will take place on Monday the 19th in Westminster Abbey. Military units rehearsed the choreography of the death march in the streets of London on Thursday before rioting. Details related to the story were published by the highest marque of the kingdom, who is in charge of the organization of similar events.

According to the schedule, Westminster Abbey will be closed to the public on Monday the 19th at 6:30 a.m. (7:30 a.m. EST), and at 10:35 a.m. (11:35 a.m. EST) the casket will be carried on a carriage, which will be carried to nearby Westminster Abbey by soldiers of the royal estate. The actual movement starts at 11:00 (12:00 SEL).

The funeral will be followed by two minutes of silence and the coffin will then proceed to Windsor Castle in a mournful procession and later in a motorcade. There, on Monday afternoon, in the chapel of St. Ji, two funeral services were held. The first will be attended by about 800 invited guests, the second will be reserved for family only. During it, the coffin was placed in the tomb, where Prince Philip, who died last year, was buried and the remains of the royal family were buried.


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