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Thanks to our Game Score model, we bring you not only the prediction of the entire season but also the prediction of individual matches. What tip do we offer (not only) bettors before today’s Tipsport extraliga playoff duel?

Today’s match

Pardubice entered the semi-final series better yesterday. However, they converted their playing superiority into only two goals, and the result was a very close match, which Litvínov could turn in his favor with a little luck.

However, if today Dynano builds on their performance on Sunday, when their expected win was 79%, there is a high probability that a second home win should come as well.

Pardubice are the favorites for the match even today with a 73% chance of victory.

Our tip

Bookmakers see today’s duel very similarly to our Game Score model, and again there is no odds advantage on either side.

Note: The numbers in brackets after the team name are Tipsport’s listed odds for that team to win the decider, unless otherwise stated.

About the Game Score model

You can read how the Game Score model works here. Before last season, our model underwent several changes, which you can learn more about in this article. How the prediction itself is based on it is described in more detail here. An overview of complete predictions before the start of this season can be found here.

The main role in the predictions of individual matches is played by the current roster of the team, which takes into account injuries or match penalties. The home environment is also a factor, with home teams winning more than 57% of their games over the last three seasons.

The odds of individual teams in a match are determined based on the results of 50,000 simulations. And the odds, which you can find in the last column, are based on the percentage chance of the given team winning. In the regular season, our model correctly determined the winner of the match 62% of the time.

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