In addition to F1, Liberty Media will also own MotoGP –

In addition to F1, Liberty Media will also own MotoGP –
In addition to F1, Liberty Media will also own MotoGP –

Dorna, which is the promoter of the MotoGP motorcycle series, has officially confirmed that the majority of its shares will be taken over by Liberty Media, which also owns F1.

There has been speculation since February that Liberty Media could be the owner of the MotoGP series in addition to F1.

However, everything is now official – the company Dorna, which holds the marketing rights of the MotoGP series, as well as, for example, the World Superbike Championship, today confirmed that Liberty Media will be its majority owner.

The American firm will own 86 percent of Dorna’s shares, while the remaining 14 percent will remain in the hands of management. The value of the transaction is 4.2 billion euros.

Let us recall that until now Dorna was 40 percent owned by the Bridgepoint fund, 38 percent was held by the Canadian pension fund, and 22 percent belonged to the employees led by the executive director Carmel Ezpeleta.

However, the question remains whether the European Commission, which also functions as an antitrust authority, will sanction the deal. In the past, he was interested in owning the F1 and MotoGP CVC fund, but the authorities did not allow him to do so in 2006.

“We are thrilled to expand our portfolio of premier sports and entertainment events with the acquisition of MotoGP,” said Greg Maffei, president and CEO of Liberty Media, in a statement.

“MotoGP is a global series with a loyal and enthusiastic fan base, exciting racing and a financial profile with high cash flow. Carmelo and his management team have built a great sporting spectacle that we can expand to a wider global audience,” Maffei continued.

For context, let’s add that the MotoGP series operates on a similar business model to F1. This means that it generates income mainly through the sale of television rights, through so-called listing fees, which are paid by individual circuits for being part of the calendar, and income from sponsorship.

However, MotoGP’s income is significantly lower than F1’s. While F1 revenues reached $3.2 billion in 2023, in the case of MotoGP it was less than $500 million in 2022.

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