No one misses the unique Trabant without stopping. Thanks to its colors


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We went to the village of Kojice near Přelouč to see the owner and designer of this unique item, Josef Brunclík. Perhaps from every side of his house you can tell that his heart belongs to the club from Eden. And we would recognize him even if we arrived by helicopter. It has a circular heliport made of wood on the flat roof of the house, decorated with the logo of football club Slavia. Love is just love. “I wanted my friends who fly helicopters from Čáslav to know which house is mine,” laughs Josef Brunclík, who celebrated his 75th birthday on the day of our visit. Since the TV crew was with us, and you will be able to see the toy car in our TV version, the owner of the car, whom no one calls anything but Pepa, had only one concern. So that, despite the filming, he managed to leave on time for Slavia, who played the cup with AC Milan in the evening. “Exactly five years ago, the boys gave me the biggest gift of logs when they beat Sevilla. Hopefully it will work out with the Italians today as well,” longed for Pep. Well, unfortunately, this didn’t turn out well in the end. Well, perhaps to eighty.

But the Trabant was not his very first redesign in Slavic colors. He started with Stadion mopeds. “I even have three. The first one has Pepi on the fender sticker. There was only one of them in Slavia. Pepi Bican. Then followed František, in honor of Franta Veselý. And the last one is called Poly, after the famous Slavist player and manager Poly Rinner.” explains their owner. From a moped it was only a step to a car, that is, rather to a Trabant. A trained auto body builder started the renovation of Enderák’s jewel in 2010. “We have two little girls and I thought about them first. But my sons betrayed me. And they were right, four doors would be an awful lot of work. So I thought of a Trabant,” remembers Josef Brunclík. “The year of manufacture is 1981 and it is a six-volt converted to 12. I bought it from a gentleman who wanted to get rid of it, because the transfer fees for old cars were about to start paying. We managed everything and started to repair. The original color of the car was light green. I had a new form in my head. But almost everything needed to be fixed. In essence, we took the car apart down to the last screw and then put it back together. The car was sprayed by my son, a trained car painter. I had the upholstery made of leatherette. It came to 12,000 at the time, if I had given genuine leather, it would have been double. And I bought a lot of accessories for that,” Pepa explains. The transformation of the car took a year and in the prices of the time it came to 65,000 crowns.

In his seventy-five, Josef Brunclík regularly goes to Slavia. All over Europe, all over the Czech Republic, but preferably to Eden. And if in Eden, then only to the famous North Tribune. At the same time, cheering is a passion and watching football is not an easy task. He is constantly chanting, singing, jumping. One does not stop for the whole 90 minutes. “It’s hard, but I’m going to cheer as long as I can. I started playing football very late, at fifty. That’s why I’ll last a long time. I started in the boiler room in Strahov and was completely unhappy with myself. I didn’t know the chants, I wasn’t able to hit the rhythm. But in the end I broke everything” says Josef Brunclík with a smile.

He drives the beautiful Trabant only occasionally and only to matches where there is no danger of clashing with the opponent’s wild fans. “Nobody has ever done anything big to me before. There were hints, but somehow it always worked out. Before the game, I stand by the open car and let people sit inside. Although once a young man tried to steal a scarf from my car during a tour. Fortunately, I caught up with him. Another time, however, I found a two-hundred-dollar bill under the seat that someone had left there for me. I’m worried about the car. My son doesn’t know it yet, but I’ll probably transfer the Trabant to him. I could do it for my 25-year-old grandson, but I don’t think he’s matured yet. The car needs some repairs, the trip to the football in it is already a struggle for me sometimes. Eden is 85 kilometers from us. When we’re at the finish line, I’ve had enough. I’ll just take it so I have the energy to cheer.” Pepa asserts convincingly. He sometimes has to turn down requests to make similar cars to order. “It’s quite funny sometimes. I was recently with a Trabant not far from here at a charity match where a team of celebrities played. Jakub Kohák came to take a look at the car. He liked it a lot, so he started asking if I would make a similar car for him for good money. But in other colors. Well, he asked evilly, I would never make a Spartan car. My hands would have to fall off.’

Slavic symbolism

The Slavic jersey is red and white, so it honors the Slavic colors. Everything, including the five-pointed star built on one point, has some meaning:

  • The white color signifies the purity of the sporting idea and an honest fight, when the opponent is not an enemy, but a recognized rival.
  • The color red is a symbol of the heart that players put into their matches.
  • The red five-pointed star with the point down represents an ever-new hope that lifts the mind and strengthens the spirit even in times of failure and failure.

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