Sparta’s worst performance of the year, Slavia looked much better, Fukal noticed

Sparta’s worst performance of the year, Slavia looked much better, Fukal noticed
Sparta’s worst performance of the year, Slavia looked much better, Fukal noticed

“Unlike Sparta, on the pitch of the last team, its direct competitor Slavia managed the match against the much stronger opponent Slovácko even in the game,” says former Czech international Milan Fukal in a regular commentary for Aktuálně.cz on the happenings in the football Fortuna:Liga.

Although many agree that Sparta in České Budějovice gave the worst performance in the current season, it is still a victory. It’s three points and that’s the most important thing.

There were more circumstances that influenced her performance. Not just a bad hard surface.

The national team break is always difficult, it can break the team. The players are not together, the game is not played, the rhythm is broken.

And it doesn’t matter if four people are gone or ten. The team prepares in a non-standard way, it has a different regime for a fortnight.

There will be matches, not only after the national team, which do not go well, but are won, we move on and there is no need to solve anything. If Budějovice had scored, robbed Sparta of points, the consequences for them would have been much worse.

Unlike Sparta, its direct competitor Slavia managed the match not only in terms of results, but in terms of the game, they looked much better against the much stronger opponent Slovácko.

At the same time, she probably had more players away. Everyone deals with this situation differently. But I repeat – the most important are the points.

Plzeň lost to Liberec after a great performance when they advanced to the quarter-finals of the European competition for the first time in the Conference League and defeated Sparta 4-0 at home.

I’ve been saying for a long time that third place is the ceiling for her, she has no chance to go up or down. Therefore, when she loses, she doesn’t have to be so sorry, it’s not a misfortune. He can’t think about the title anymore. However, the players are motivated, they strive for a nomination for the European Championship.

However, I want to praise Liberec. He won for the first time outdoors, I follow him honestly and he has a lot of potential. 35 points are quite a few for him. He should have collected far more, maybe ten or twelve.

Baník beat Teplice in a big way, there was euphoria. It is constantly being reminded of what a great background he has, his high ambitions are being discussed, whether he will finally begin to fulfill them. But this victory means nothing to me.

For me, Baník will be a dangerous team when they start to step on the heels of the best. Not once yes, twice no. Fourteen points loss to the third place is too much. When it confirms the long-term rise, then Ostrava will be interesting.

The own goal of the Olomouc stopper Víto Beneš was terrifying, it actually decided the defeat of the home team against Pardubice. That is why it is discussed more.

I say Beneš on purpose, although I do not ignore that it was primarily the fault of goalkeeper Macík. However, the age-old rule that a small home should be given outside the goal should still apply. On uneven terrain, and there are plenty of them here, anything can happen.

I have a similar owner also registered. In Hradec Králové, I pushed the ball to Tomáš Koubek to speed up the action, I wanted to be constructive. But towards the goal, which is not done. But he was standing behind me, he thought I was going to drop the balloon, he yelled at me too.

I didn’t look, he was a great patriot. That’s why it’s essential to give small ones home outside the goal.

  • A former strong hitter. He was born on May 16, 1975.
  • He won two league titles with Sparta, he made a great name in the German Bundesliga, where he spent six seasons. First in Hamburg, then in Borussia Mönchengladbach. He also played for Bohemians, Jablonec and Hradec Králové.
  • He played 19 games for the Czech national team.

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