Olympiad | Russia accused IOC chief Bach of conspiring against him with Ukraine


Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marija Zakharova made the allegation after two Russian comedians, nicknamed Vovan and Lexus, released a recording of an interview with Bach, who mistakenly believed he was talking to a sports official from Africa. The IOC president said during that phone call that the committee has created a special commission tasked with monitoring the media and the Internet to ensure that Russian athletes who already express support for the Kremlin are not allowed to compete at the Olympics.

“We also offered the Ukrainian side – not only offered, but asked them to provide us with information about such (Russian) athletes or officials,” Bach says on the recording.

Photo: Jana Rodenbusch, Reuters

Prototests against the participation of Russians and Belarusians in the Olympic Games in Paris. illustrative photo.

Zakharova wrote on Telegram that Bach “became part of a political, administrative and apparently criminal conspiracy with one particular party.” Reuters notes that the spokeswoman was referring to Ukraine. According to Zakharova, the aim of this alleged conspiracy is to “exclude strong (Russian) athletes from international competitions.”

Relations between the IOC and Moscow deteriorated significantly before the Olympics in Paris. Russians and Belarusians will only be able to compete at the Olympics as neutral athletes and without the use of national symbols. In addition to the qualification criteria, they must also meet other conditions, such as not having ties to the army or not supporting the Russian side in the war in Ukraine. Teams under five rings cannot start at all. This is happening because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which Belarus supports.

The IOC already pointed out the week before last that Bach was the target of a Russian telephone provocation.

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