Let us “cook”. The Nightingales invite the Spartans to Eden for a derby

Let us “cook”. The Nightingales invite the Spartans to Eden for a derby
Let us “cook”. The Nightingales invite the Spartans to Eden for a derby

Slávistka wrapped the entire campaign in the phrase LetUsCook , a hashtag that is trending on social networks. It is complimentary, it appreciates someone for an extraordinary performance, an act. It reflects that someone has succeeded in something.

“For me, it’s a great message to express what we can do. On and off the pitch. A lot of female players already celebrate their goals or successful actions with ‘cooking’ gestures. We do it with the girls too. In the English Premier League, where I spent the last seasons, it is used a lot,” says midfielder Kateřina Svitková.

“The campaign just fits us. In addition, it shows that women’s football is already a full-fledged part not only of the world of sports, but also of marketing. I appreciate that, because I believe that it will help not only us, but other teams as well,” adds defender Gabriela Šlajsová.

The players in red and white jerseys dominated the basic part of the football league, winning thirteen times and drawing once, they have a seven-point lead over Sparta before the superstructure. He is aiming for his third title in a row and twenty-third overall.

Slavia frames the entire match with a varied accompanying program. At the matches of Jindřich Trpišovský’s A team, additional entertainment is already a traditional part of the matches, and on the last Saturday in April, the club wants to attract spectators to the women’s derby as well.

“Recently over a thousand people came to the derby in Měcholup. Our football is gaining more and more fans, and I firmly believe that a lot of them will come to Eden,” Bartovičová wishes.

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