The club’s management supports the effort to resume participation in the ICEHL


The management of the Orli Znojmo club supports the preparation of an application for the renewal of participation in the international ICEHL, which is sought by an investment group led by former hockey player Radim Antonovic and Hynk Blaha. The group is in close contact with the management of the city of Znojmo and negotiations are now underway with the management of the club.

The details of mutual cooperation, including the ownership structure of the club, are the subject of ongoing negotiations. The Eagles welcome and fully support the effort to re-enter the international league. If all parties reach a mutual agreement, they are ready to seek re-entry into the ICEHL for the upcoming 2024/25 season. The success of this effort will depend, among other things, on mutual negotiations with the management of the competition and the fulfillment of a number of strict access criteria.

If the effort to join the international competition does not come to a successful end, the Eagles in Znojmo will continue in the 2nd hockey league. In such a case, the management of the club will direct its efforts to ensure that entry into the ICEHL can take place in the next competition year.

We will provide more information as soon as possible.

The article is in Czech

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