The goalkeeper Boleslav took the loss on himself after the rough play, Hoftych was angry not only at him

Boleslav was dealt a heavy blow by its goalkeeper Martin Polaček. He should have cut a routine hit, but instead he committed a fumble. Hradec’s defender Vojtěch Smrž tried his luck in the 72nd minute, he shot powerfully from at least twenty-five meters, the ball flew quickly, but directly at Polaček. However, the goalkeeper of Středočech was unable to tame the floating ball, conceding a goal to make it 1:2. This state has already endured.

“I wasn’t making it up. I found myself alone and wanted to try. When I saw how the ball was flying and how the goalkeeper was standing, I thought that it might fall into the goal. Finally, it really happened, the euphoria came. This was a matter of luck, but then again, whoever doesn’t shoot, doesn’t score,” Smrž smirked.

Polaček immediately apologized to his teammates and fans with a gesture. After the match, he did not hide and came among the journalists. “The balloon floated a bit, but I should have caught it, or at least pushed it away. I just have to have shots like that. I’m a maximalist, I take it upon myself,” said the thirty-two-year-old goalkeeper.

The chief strategist of Central Bohemia could only sigh. “Individual mistakes are repeated all too often here, which bring down the team. When you equalize at 1:1, the goalkeeper must be the first to hold you,” Hoftych pointed out.

Will he discuss the situation with Polaček? “The goalkeeping coach Jirka Malík will definitely discuss it with him. Martin apologized to everyone after the match. He knew it was a blunder. I would also add a gross mistake by Mašek, who should have attacked Smrže more forcefully before the shot,” added the coach to Boleslav.

Photo: Josef Vostárek, CTK

Goalkeeper Martin Polaček from Boleslav.Photo: Josef VostarekCTK

He was far from disappointed only by this moment. “We lack more ferocity and hunger. We believed that the previous victory against Pardubice would motivate us, that we would be more passionate. I missed this a bit in the first half. I missed the superstructure from more experienced players, I would have expected them to create something. But in the final, only Mára Matějovský was involved, others should have joined,” lamented Hoftych.

Hradec scored the first goal after the cooperation of Filip Kubala and Daniel Vašulín in the middle of the field, the home team equalized from the penalty spot. After conceding a goal to make it 1:2, they still had opportunities to equalize. “Young Lukáš Mašek had two clean scoring chances. They have to solve them differently. He has already played thirty matches in the league, he has to move faster,” said the head of the Boleslav bench to the eighteen-year-old offensive player.

Already on Saturday, Hoftych’s group will present themselves in České Budějovice. “Bread will be broken there. Some players may get a chance and it may be their last. Then a more difficult period can begin for them,” the fifty-five-year-old strategist sent a message to the cabin.

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