Like our high school locker room! The Flames are the target of ridicule

Like our high school locker room! The Flames are the target of ridicule
Like our high school locker room! The Flames are the target of ridicule

Teams tend to be targeted for many reasons. Bad management, embarrassing performances or terrible results. Calgary went through quite the rollercoaster of emotions this summer. First huge sadness and disappointment when two key strikers left, then celebrations when replacements arrived. But another trick came.

On Saturday, MacKenzie Weegar arrived at the home arena to officially introduce himself to the fans and the media for the first time.

It should have been a nice video that will make the fans happy. In it, Weegar enters the cabin, where for the first time a jersey with a name and number was waiting in his place.

While Flames fans cheered the introduction of the new point guard, fans of other teams also noticed something else. And quite ordinary dressing rooms. Social networks are cruel and wait for nothing, so there was an immediate wave of mockery.

“If it wasn’t for the Flames logo on the ceiling, I would have thought this was my high school team’s locker room,” read one post. And more came: “Could we please do a fundraiser for the Flames for their new locker room?” or “So this is why Gaudreau and Tkachuk got kicked out of here!”

The fact is, there really are a lot of beautiful booths in the NHL. The phenomenon of their remaking has also spread to other sports, for example, in football, big clubs really rely on it.

The Scotiabank Saddledome, the Flames’ arena, is indeed ancient. It opened in 1983 and since the same year has been the home stand of Plamenů. It is one of the oldest major league stadiums, the oldest in Canada.

The possibility of a new arena was already on the table, but negotiations between the team and the city fell apart despite the fact that the sum of six hundred million dollars was agreed upon to build a new one.

What do you think, does a beautiful cabin matter or not?

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