Litvnov cut about meters of ice. Even because of the reconstruction that took place

Even in the NHL, it’s not about when I say it in layman’s terms, it’s about speed and speed skills. I don’t think that the typical Lithuanian accent should disappear, observed Karel Mlejnek, Rikv’s assistant.

Confused to slide by those meters on the 60 x 26 meter, which is the size of the NHL arena, filled the passes led by Vervy. And that’s mainly due to the plans to rebuild the winter stadium.

There were to be three rows of seats at the entrance, so the area was moved to the western stands, where the reconstruction was supposed to push the stadium towards the football pitch. After this season, the roof was supposed to be torn down and work was also started, but due to the situation and the political or covid-related situation, it is unfortunately not on the agenda, regretted Pavel Hynek, Lithuanian editor-in-chief.

The second motive was the preparation of a unified measure of the ice surface and the international ice area. If not for covid, the 26-meter world championship was held a long time ago. So it was necessary to live here so that the international youth competition could be held at the Hlinkov Stadium, explained Hynek.

Jet came as a trainer twice, when she was being groomed on the ground. In Hradec Krlov and at his wedding in the Russian Soi.

Zen ice area at the stadium in Litvnov.

We always asked ourselves the question whether to change the typology of the game. But if a hockey player knows how to play on a big hit, he can also play on a small one. And upside down. Bet on the Canaanites: they drank from a small skate on the European 60 x 30 meter and won the same world championship. They used it to their advantage, playing slick, creative hockey.

The truth is that you need to get used to it. Rounded corners really speed up the game. It’s more attractive for a girl, what’s going on, what’s going on, what to wear, he added.

Not everyone liked the development from flying to noodles, the Lithuanian novice Ralfs Freibergs was fooled by the ice. But everyone wants to play on art, it’s a trend, we have to adapt, Loty didn’t protest.

On the contrary, long back Patrik Demel was excited by the change: I like being a defensive player because I don’t have to skate as much and I like the defensive side of the game. Mm put it in the corner, he’ll win fights faster.

Kou Rika is a supporter of the little skaters he has seen firsthand in the NHL. Will vc anc. Hr took the handle from the bar and is immediately at the goal. A woman of those meters is worth a zant, that’s really a noodling. For a girl, the game will be interesting, for me an Olympic champion.

According to assistant coach Mlejnek, the adaptation to the new dimensions of the era took place. I would say that this is also influenced by how it was made. It was completed by really crazy, fast dancers who are very excited for this hit. And the new defenders also fit into it, Mlejnek praises himself.

NOV RA. The ice surface at the Hlinkov winter stadium was enlarged to NHL dimensions and the goalposts were replaced with modern, flexible ones.

The handrails are also new. Prun, free, with your glasses. Without them, the club would not meet the license conditions for the extra league, because they are the most important condition. The city of Litvnov, which owns the stadium, replaced the old one with a modern one; paid for it 4.3 million crowns without taxes.

Thank you for the quick build. We would not get an exception. I think that the Lithuanian fan deserved a new guardrail and high Plexiglas, they are awesome. And thanks to the prevention, even the wounded will die, in Hynek.

And will they be on the contrary? At home, Litvnov was second to worst last year, even though the meter of ice has been cut, he wants to change that.

Demel: zk ice? We have to get an aggressive mentality

Zmosk rose to success in Litvnov against defender Patrik Demel. I played it in America for five years when I was a junior. That’s why I’m glad that we lived together, the native of Ostrava, who played his third season at the Hlinkov Stadium.

For vm is it suitable for led?
I like to play defensively because I don’t have to skate as much and I like to stay on the defensive side of the game. Mm put it in the corner, he’ll win fights faster. There is little space in that script, we have to learn to find free space for steles and ances.

What about bed bugs?
The puck must move quickly from hockey stick to hockey stick, the quality of the puck must be good.

Will Litvnov’s speech change?
We want to play fast hockey. Start the game quickly, play aggressively in the defensive line, don’t spend too much time there, go into the flow right away. Being unpleasant for the opponent in personal fights, but not every manager in the league can do it. We can be aggressive and make the most of it.

Hockey extraliga, 26th round, Litvnov – Esk Budjovice. Patrik Demel from Litvnov celebrated his birthday.

Do you thorn differently? Do you know when the first steps will be decided?
Not in the gym, sleeping on the ice in a thorn belt. Get used to it, get that aggressive mentality into yourself. The trick is how to perceive the geometry of the ice. Do you think you’re delusional, it’s suddenly different.

And physically, hockey is different, when will the meters of ice disappear?
It is the same nron, but in a different sense of the word. When is the ice vt, vc skated. On the contrary, this is a personal battle. And you soupee tire us too. If it doesn’t happen, in hockey the body also works a lot, every fight takes energy. And we have to take her down with a soup and get them down.

How did the women in the cabin react?
We took it as a reality, hockey was moving in that direction. Personally, I’m in favor of all hits being within the scope of the rules, so that the rules are the same for everyone. New gliding is a new impulse for us, we try to make the most of it.

What do you personally expect from the new season of the extra league?
I’m here this season. In the first season after my return from America, I played well, last year I improved and got an invitation to the national team. And this year I want to take steps, be a leader in the dark and help other guys. The main thing is that it is reflected in the result of the must.

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