Staten heart did not erase mistakes. Basketball player needs a fast fix

Staten heart did not erase mistakes. Basketball player needs a fast fix
Staten heart did not erase mistakes. Basketball player needs a fast fix

Nadje went bald for the EuroBasket. The Serbs have shown that they can defend themselves, fight, hide, and even make triples.

Yes, with a record of 0:2, against Poland he had a sore knee and played below average. However, if he persists in his obstinate approach, he will not be able to repartee.

EuroBasket 2022

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Ideal scene?

Those wins and, in the case of the others, advance to the round of 16 from the appropriate second place.

In that case, even previous failures would be thrown in the bin. Not basketball, but garbage.

Need to beat the Netherlands

He must take the first step to complete this round on Monday from 5:30 p.m. They will challenge the Netherlands, who have lost both of their duels so far.

Meme is to beat and we have to do everything for it, coach Ronen Ginzburg in esk.

His saints will be the favourites, but they are a bit late. The most famous star in the orange jersey, Worthy de Jong, flashed 28 and 12 points in Prague.

And so it is clear that if they were to defend like a bird against Poland, they could crush something in a hurry.

and in Prague

The program remains

Entry into the long-forgotten domcho tournament did not work out for them at all. The players themselves talked about poor communication, both past and simple losses.

The nervousness of the big event and the knowledge that it did not go well with the preparation worked for this. Kou Ginzburg was unusually slow, and the players had trouble getting up to speed.

Even Tom Satoransk, who was fit for the battles in the O2 arena thanks to the painstaking rehabilitation of his injured ankle, was unable to start the team in his 17 minutes on the board.

Nothing, even without the leader of darkness, they still had to deal with the Poles. Always their owner, a day later they wiped out the debacle from Finland 59:89…

Although the basketball players managed to defend aggressively against Serbia, they lost their flow again.

In the second quarter, they waited six and a half minutes to get out of the game, they blocked a lot of opportunities with cheap inaccuracies and unnecessary combination actions.

I will turn to the positives that the representatives have shown.

Although they trailed by 23 points in the course of the game, at least they found the lost TV and scored a record goal to save the basketball season.

Especially Vt Krej made the sparks. The youngest player in the NBA and the only rookie in the NBA brought the necessary energy and carried the rest of his team.

Ondej Sehnal, the main jump for the responding Satoranskha, prepared several handsome actions and even pulled to a difference of eight points.

It wasn’t enough for a sensational turnaround, Serbian players are good for that. Against better competition, the absence of Satoranskho was evident.

However, even the spectators realized that until then, the basketball players had shown at least a bit of their lion nature.

No, it doesn’t happen to cover all rm. Against the Netherlands and then Finland and Israel, the fighting quality must support the quality of the hit.

First determination is the main ingredient to wake her up.

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