Bixby is back in the game, with the help of AI, it wants to put the competition on its shoulders –

  • Samsung has not yet broken the stick over the voice assistant Bixby
  • According to a high-ranking executive, it is about to be enriched with AI functions
  • However, it is not certain whether this step will ensure popularity among users

It’s been almost thirteen years since smart assistants first appeared on our smartphones. Siri was the first to reach users, with Assistant and Alexa following shortly after. Although at first they promised a revolution in smartphone control and the smart home, in practice their development has not progressed so quickly in recent years. It was therefore a surprise when Samsung also joined the race with the assistant Bixby, which from the beginning was pulling for the shortest end, and for a long time it seemed that the South Korean giant would end up blowing the whistle on the whole project. But now it seems that Bixby could be back in the game and will most likely have ambitions to attack the top ranks.

Is Bixby making a grand comeback?

According to one unnamed executive who told CNBC, the company is “working hard” to infuse Bixby with generative artificial intelligence that would give it an edge over the competition. Neither Siri, Assistant, nor Alexa have access to AI for the time being, even though at least Google and Apple have plans to enrich their assistants with artificial intelligence, so far this has not happened. The South Korean giant tested the implementation of AI in its premium Galaxy S24 series, which includes some elements of artificial intelligence.

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Whether Samsung is preparing a spectacular comeback for Bixby is still a question, however, the implementation of AI in voice assistants is directly offered, and it is therefore a matter of time before we see the first of them enriched with elements of artificial intelligence. The second question mark hangs over whether Bixby has any chance of a comeback at all – just deploying AI elements alone will not make it a successful product if people don’t want to use it. Currently, Bixby has a rather bad reputation, and Samsung is not doing anything marketing-wise to fix its tarnished reputation.

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