Smart home elements for energy saving

We are here with more tips on interesting products from the AliExpress online marketplace. With regard to the current situation and the approaching winter, we classify them thematically smart home elements, with which it is possible to save increasingly expensive energy. Take the tips partly as a general introduction to the given types of products. In the case of the selected five, it is primarily a device with connectivity via Tuya app and Wi-Fi connection. However, Zigbee or Bluetooth, for example, may eventually suit you, so don’t be afraid to look for other alternatives.

European warehouses, tax and duty

The sales portal AliExpress has already started to use direct taxation across the European Economic Area. Under the price of the goods, you can see the phrase “Price includes VAT”, or confirmation that the value already includes tax. But keep in mind that goods with a value of over 150 euros are also subject to customs duties.

Smart sockets (16A)

Let’s start with saving electricity. If you are not currently heating with electricity, the best way to save money is to switch off various energy-intensive appliances. They can “eat” a lot even in standby mode, so it’s best to cut them off completely if they don’t need to run. And why not do it smartly with sockets that can not only be connected to a mobile phone, but also automated in various ways, for example?

Price: from 200 CZK

Smart thermostatic heads for heating

When we move on to heating, one of the smartest smart gadgets is definitely the heads for controlling the heating. For example, this model also includes a temperature display.

Price: 830 CZK

Smart temperature and humidity sensor with display

It is not a full-fledged “brain” of home heating or control of the entire smart home system (those cost significantly more), but when positioned correctly, it will serve not only as a sensor, but also as a screen with important information, thanks to which you do not have to take your mobile phone out of your pocket.

Price: 290 CZK

Smart temperature sensor

If you want to have an overview of the temperature in several rooms, you will definitely use wireless sensors that will help easily deliver useful data to the system.

Price: from 250 CZK

Door and window sensors

In this case, it is primarily a safety feature, but having the ability to remotely check if you accidentally ventilate somewhere is certainly not to be thrown away either.

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