Bridget Fonda has resigned from Hollywood and lives in seclusion with her family


Bridget comes from a famous acting family, with her grandfather being Henry Fonda, her father being Peter Fonda and her aunt being Jane Fonda, so it was pretty predictable where her steps would lead. She also has countless amazing roles to her credit, for example she was unforgettable in Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, the romantic comedy You Can Meet with Nicolas Cage or in The Godfather III.

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She played one of her most prominent roles in Kiss of the Dragon just two years before her fatal car accident in Los Angeles. During it, on February 27, 2003, she crashed her Jaguar down an embankment in heavy rain and suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured vertebra and a head injury. She was then taken to hospital.

A few days later, she became engaged to her partner, film composer and former Oingo Boingo frontman Danny Elfman, and they married in November of the same year. Fonda completely withdrew from public life, and after the birth of their son in 2005, she focused only on family life.

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Bridget was thus able to completely get rid of the Hollywood glitter. Unlike her aunt Jane, she can live happily with her beloved family in seclusion without the spotlight and the pursuit of eternal youth that so many famous faces have already succumbed to.

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