Felix Pink Waiting to Die: A Euthanasia Thriller in Free eBook

Felix Pink Waiting to Die: A Euthanasia Thriller in Free eBook
Felix Pink Waiting to Die: A Euthanasia Thriller in Free eBook

Felix Pink is retired. For less than ten years, he leads a routine life as a widower and even a boring death. She works as a volunteer at exitr – as someone who sits with terminally ill people who have decided to commit suicide.

Help them with logistics, provide moral support and finally remove evidence so that the family and pet are not implicated in their death. When Felix enters the house at 3 Black Lane, he is there to perform an act of kindness and charity: to keep a dying man company as he breathes his last.

Just fifteen minutes later, Felix finds himself lying in front of the shelf after making the biggest mistake of his life. His world is suddenly turned upside down, because he tries to find out whether what went wrong was just a mistake or a lie about his mind – a lie.

The author of the novel is the British author Belinda Bauer, who started out as a novelty and screenwriter. She made her debut with the psychological thriller Vesovit, for which in 2010 she received one of the most prestigious awards – the Golden Thank You – from the British Association of Detective Writers. This novel was followed by two sequels: Love on the Edge and The Upside Down.

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