Why are energy prices suitable for building orders and what should I do about it?

Why are energy prices suitable for building orders and what should I do about it?
Why are energy prices suitable for building orders and what should I do about it?

The energy crisis affected a number of households, which, with great anticipation, sought a weaker dream price. We really managed to do that this year, despite the fact that the customer paid a high rate. Those who remain loyal to their supplier have a worse situation.

While in the last year we paid 6,050 K per MWh of electricity and 3,025 K per MWh of gas, thanks to the government ceiling, which set the maximum price, this year the rates have dropped by at least one tenth, in some cases even by half. And it could be more affordable if the fee for renewable resources did not increase and the price of other distribution fees did not increase. We won’t lose anything with that, but the losers can influence their price. The differences between the prices of small and large suppliers and thus between the prices for new and established orders are not completely negligible.

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Somewhere loyalty is rewarded, but not in the case of the energy supplier. Here, the current salary is the exact opposite, i.e. you have the prices, not the new walk. It is caused by several factors. The first is the natural competitive struggle between suppliers. Customers who have insurance do not need to offer a better price. Better keep it for potential customers who are still deciding.

He then gave a factor related to the setting of the energy market itself. The supplier buys energy for his orders on the stock exchange. The development of electricity prices seems to me to be of course noticeable at the moment, because they are falling. The supplier, however, buys energy upfront. This means that for those who placed orders, they bought for several months and at much higher prices. For new orders, on the other hand, energy is more energy efficient and therefore cheaper. The situation turned around, similar to the first increase in prices, the losers had an advantage. The supplier had bought cheaper energy for him, while for the new orders from former clients, the bankrupt Bohemia Energy bought at much higher prices.

But back to the current price situation. Today, the difference between the price rates for the established and new orders is in the case of electricity and values ​​of 1,200 K per MWh, for gas then to 600 K per MWh. An average Czech household consumes around 3.5 MWh of electricity per year and 4,200 K in a single year.

The best thing is to change suppliers

Convincing your supplier to offer the customer a better rate is not exactly an easy task. Much more certain is a change of supplier, when you can access not only the prices for new orders, but also their total tariffs. General salary, if cheaper energy is supplied by a different supplier. Today, the difference between the highest and lowest tariffs for electricity is around 2,000 K per MWh. Therefore, don’t forget to check regularly if you don’t pay too much. To compare individual offers, you can use the online comparison Kalkultor.cz.

If the bankruptcy of Bohemia Energy naturally raised a certain uncertainty, the so-called alternative suppliers are not the same. many of them have been baking for the last few years without any problems and today they still offer attractive prices. However, it should be noted that the corrupt should not rush into the pit of a supplier that they do not know at all. The basis is the search for relevant information, such as the time it has been on the market, the number of customers or the most diverse reviews.

When it comes to changing the supplier itself, there is not a single day of complexity. Only in the case of contracts for an indefinite period, you are subject to a dark payment period, so timing is the key in this case. Then, of course, it is important to check the new contract. It is good to know how long the payment is for, whether it is automatically extended after its expiry, and under what conditions the energy supply continues. Last but not least, you should try to wear yourself by the pre-agreed date and report the results to both the supplier and the distributor.

Seek help from an independent specialist

If you are not sure whether you understand the term correctly, you can entrust the entire process to the experts from Kalkultor.cz and have a complete change of supplier without any worries. With their help, you will get an overview of the complete energy market, advise you on the optimal option, and then help you find a new supplier. The decision is yours, but you will be sure that you are making a decision based on relevant data. And as a bonus, he didn’t even have a pension.

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Luk Kaok

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