Registered E.ON Drive users will now recharge electric cars at ultra-fast stations at fast charging prices

Registered E.ON Drive users will now recharge electric cars at ultra-fast stations at fast charging prices
Registered E.ON Drive users will now recharge electric cars at ultra-fast stations at fast charging prices

E.ON Drive unifies prices for fast and ultra-fast charging of electric cars for its users. Registered users will now only have two tariff bands for public E.ON Drive chargers according to the type of charger used. Drivers will now pay the same amount for fast and ultra-fast charging, i.e. CZK 12.5 per kilowatt-hour including VAT, which in the case of ultra-fast charging is a drop in the price per kilowatt-hour by CZK 4.5. Drivers will now save not only money but also time when recharging their vehicle, as ultra-fast charging is significantly faster. The changes in the price lists will start to apply from April 1 this year on the occasion of five years of operation of the E.ON Drive system in the Czech Republic.

When we launched the E.ON Drive service five years ago, we set ourselves the goal of constantly advancing, simplifying, and overall making electric mobility as accessible as possible. Our clients can use the ever-expanding roaming and top-up at more than 80,000 points across Europe with one card, have a clear application and we currently want to give them the opportunity to use and test the benefits of ultra-fast charging as much as possible, which is a trend within public charging networks. The fifth anniversary of the launch of the E.ON Drive system, which already has almost 9,000 registered customers, seems to us to be a good opportunity to make this option available to them under favorable conditions. Our customers will now recharge on ultra-fast E.ON Drive chargers at the price of fast charging explains Jakub Kotthead of the Mobility Services department at E.ON Energie.

The price list for registered users will now be divided into two bands. The price for AC charging remains, where registered customers will continue to pay CZK 8 per kWh. The second band will then include the price for recharging at fast (DC) and ultra-fast (UFC) chargers for a uniform amount of CZK 12.5 per kWh, which is one of the most advantageous options on the market at all. Until now, registered customers paid CZK 17 for one kWh at E.ON’s ultra-fast chargers. “We also try to keep the price lists on our chargers as clear and as clear as possible for our customers, so that everyone can easily navigate them and have a clear idea of ​​how much charging will cost them.” adds Jakub Kott.

For unregistered customers, when recharging at E.ON Drive stations, the original division into AC, DC and UFC recharging remains. Even for them, prices will drop from April 1. For AC charging and DC charging, the prices remain at the same values ​​of 10 CZK and 15 CZK per kWh, respectively. For UFC chargers, customers will now pay CZK 17.8 per kWh instead of the original CZK 19. In addition, all E.ON stations supply their clients with green energy purchased from renewable sources.

E.ON Drive users will save time and money

The saving of money and time is visible on a simple model example. A driver driving an electric vehicle with a battery capacity of 80 kWh has a battery at 10% and decides to charge his car to 80%. If he chooses a DC station with an average power of 50 kW during recharging, he will recharge the battery in 67 minutes and pay CZK 714 for his recharging. Of this, 700 CZK will be for energy and 14 CZK for exceeding the allowed free minutes, because he has 60 free minutes available for free, and the seven exceeded are multiplied by two crowns per minute. If he decided to use a UFC station for his charging, with an average charging power of 90kW, he would charge the battery in 37 minutes. Compared to fast charging, he would save 30 minutes of time, but he would pay CZK 952 for charging. From April 1, the same driver will still save half an hour of time when using the UFC recharger, but also 238 CZK per charged energy compared to the original price list.

The E.ON Drive network focuses on UFC charging

The E.ON Drive network is currently focusing on building UFC chargers. Users can use it at 30 charging points, including the fastest chargers in the Czech Republic with a power of 400 kW. One is located in Vystrkov near Humpolka near the D1 highway and the other in Sulejovice near Lovosice near the D8 highway. This year, drivers can look forward to the construction of ultra-fast charging stations, especially along the main traffic arteries.

In the first half of the year, construction work has already started or will start in Hradec Králové, České Budějovice, Ústí nad Labem, Brno, Prague and Olomouc. Additional locations will follow throughout the year. Stations with outputs of 300 kW and more will be installed in all locations with the possibility of payment using a payment terminal.

This year, we plan to continue to expand and modernize our charging network and include mainly stations with higher performance, which are currently the trend. In addition to the newly built locations, our customers can also look forward to improvements at the existing and established ones. This year, we want to focus even more on the quality of charging points. For example, improve the accessibility of stations, install more payment terminals and other elements,” complements Martin Klima, CEO of E.ON Drive Infrastructure, which is responsible for the construction and management of the public charging network within E.ON. The E.ON Drive network currently has more than 520 charging points in the Czech Republic.

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