Today in the Street: Paranoid Iva can shake hands with

Today in the Street: Paranoid Iva can shake hands with
Today in the Street: Paranoid Iva can shake hands with

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Jitka already knows about Ivy’s misfortune. But the more people know, the more complicated it gets. The last person who should know this is Chestnut. And he already knows it, it seems. Or not? Even Vilma has secrets, and Lumira is incredibly turned on.

Can Chestnut be any more tactless?

Can the nosy Chestnut be any more tactless? Of course yes. The degree of Kaštan’s bluntness is indeed unlimited. He advises Iva not to get behind the wheel anymore. Under the weight of her own assumptions, she confesses to him what she didn’t have to. Who does Kaštan get it from? Of course, from Jitka! She also doesn’t say what she doesn’t know. If nothing else, at least Kaštan was silenced for a moment by her confession and totally freaked out. He definitely didn’t count on that. That’s why Iva needed a lawyer.

Iva shouts at Jitka

Lately, Iva doesn’t recognize herself at all. Because of the tragedy that happened to her, she has the courage to say it directly to Jitka klepna. He assumes that it was Jitka who let her secret go. It can be seen that her mind remains stagnant. Why would Jitka talk about such a serious matter with Kaštan? Although this does not fit, Iva does not hesitate to shout hysterically at Jitka. She defends herself that she didn’t really say anything. But in this case, it doesn’t really matter to her. In short, Iva knows her stuff. Would the end of the friendship? Not quite. Everyone can make mistakes sometimes. And Jitka fully understands Iva. For a time, she was nervous about marching, just like Iva. So when Iva apologizes to her, because she already knows where Kaštan got the information, she doesn’t make a scene and accepts the apology. He understands that it must be difficult for Iva right now. First the abortion, then this tragedy. Fortunately, she is in the good hands of lawyer Elen.

Lumir wants to control his mother’s life

Not long ago, Vilma planned a funeral, but now she is catching her second breath. Spring is probably coming for her. She met love at eighty. Kateřina and Vendula are ecstatic about it. Only Lumir does not understand that an eighty-year-old woman can still fall in love. Let the other women do what they want. But his mother won’t do this to him. Kateřina has to calm him down a lot so that he doesn’t step aside again. But it’s in vain, Lumir has a big crush on Vilma. She no longer trusts him and continues to keep secrets from him.

Kateřina has understanding for Vilma

Kateřina is happy that Vilma has her meaning in life again. It’s better than taking care of your lager mother-in-law day and night. He doesn’t know at all what is bothering Lumir so much. After all, he has his life, his job and his family. Instead of wishing his mother luck, he throws sticks at her feet. He constantly tells her what a fraud Vilda is and how he will rip her out of all her savings. But Vilma doesn’t want to hear anything about it. But it is admirable how even after eighteen years the screenwriters are able to provide Vilma Nyklova with additional storylines.

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