VIDEO: Roads and entire mountains shook in Taiwan. The houses tilted but remained standing


A strong earthquake struck the island of Taiwan that morning. The epicenter was located a few kilometers from the east coast of the island and the tremors affected the entire island. Currently, the authorities report 9 dead, 50 missing and over 800 injured. Rescue workers rescue people from the rubble. A number of videos are appearing on social networks in which roads, houses and bodies of water are swaying under strong tremors.

The earthquake struck the island nation just before 8 a.m. during the morning rush hour.

The tremors moved buildings in entire neighborhoods. Footage appears, both from public transport or footage of a morning swimmer coping with an unexpected swell. Fortunately, the landmark of the capital, the 509-meter high skyscraper Taipei 101, withstood the tremors.

Earthquakes throughout the island also destroyed the landscape, many roads were buried by rocks or completely destroyed. Several weaker tremors were also reported shortly after the main earthquake. Fortunately, the danger of a tsunami, which the authorities warned about in the morning, did not materialize.

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