Let them judge the defects of the concrete, not the prices. Vinci does not agree to have the Klokner Institute investigate their bid for the D subway

Let them judge the defects of the concrete, not the prices. Vinci does not agree to have the Klokner Institute investigate their bid for the D subway
Let them judge the defects of the concrete, not the prices. Vinci does not agree to have the Klokner Institute investigate their bid for the D subway

The tender for the second part of metro D is dragging on. We will have to wait until September for the opinion commissioned by the ÚOHS, but the eliminated company filed an objection.

The Vinci Construction CS group filed an objection against the Klokner Institute of Czech Technical University assessing the offer of Porr, Vinci and Marti (the PVM association) in the tender for the second part of the metro line D. This was said by the group’s CEO Martin Borovka to Zdopravy.cz.

The Office for the Protection of Economic Competition (ÚOHS) chose Klokner’s institute to assess the schedule and price offered by the PVM association. PVM was excluded from the tender by the transport company (DPP) precisely on the basis of non-fulfillment of the competition conditions related, among other things, to the construction schedule and the price.

Last September, an association of companies led by Subterra from the Metrostav group won the thirty-billion dollar contract for the section of the D Olbrachtova – Nové Dvory metro line, even though their offer was more than two billion more expensive than that of the expelled association.

DPP subsequently canceled the selection in connection with the decision of the antimonopoly office and it must take place again.

I see a significant problem in the fact that the Klokner Institute is not authorized to assess the schedule and price of the offer at all. Because it solves materials, for example defects in concrete. We do not agree with that choice and yesterday we objected to ÚHOS, because it is not an expert in assessing the schedule or the price,” said Martin Borovka on Wednesday.

He added that the decision in the tender was also delayed by another six months due to the preparation of the assessment.

The assessment is not to be completed until September, and based on it, the Prague transport company will re-evaluate the contract. Deputy Mayor Petr Hlaváček confirmed this at a meeting with journalists regarding ongoing city construction.

“The result is that the selection procedure will not be repeated, but the decision will be made again,” Hlaváček said on Wednesday. According to him, experts from the Klokner Institute are to verify the correctness of the PVM association’s offer, after which the evaluation committee will have the materials to re-evaluate the tender.

Break in the tender for metro D: The transport company backed down due to the references and canceled the announcement of the winner

Dispute about references and too low price

At the beginning of the year, the ÚOHS unlawfully annulled the decision on the selection of the supplier and all subsequent actions of the DPP in the tender due to the fact that, according to the office, the documentation of the winning association lacked documents proving the experience of some members of the professional staff, for which points were awarded to the bidders during the evaluation.

Subsequently, the selection of the winner was also canceled by the company’s board of directors, however, the DPP did not agree with the decision of the ÚOHS and filed an appeal against it. The management of the DPP insists that the company proceeded in the tender according to the Public Procurement Act.

The transport company also justified its decision to choose the more expensive offer last autumn by saying that the consortium led by Porr “basically ignored” a call to explain the extremely low tender price. At the time, the evaluation committee also argued that the PVM association corrected some errors in the schedule at its request and made new errors at the same time.

In the final, it turned out that what we say is true. Our exclusion is absolutely nonsensical because the schedule is not part of the documentationBorovka z Vinci said about the current stage of the dispute.

The whole problem of metro D is 2.4 billion delta in price, that’s one section of D35, what we’re building, that’s not enough. Instead of the customer asking how SŽ does it or the cities of Brno or Olomouc, they rejected it and fired us. It gives me the impression that no one wants us there“, Borovka now described the course of the tender.

Porr strongly opposes being excluded from the Metro D tender. He has made his doubts public


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