Euthanasia: A good death – let’s start a stronger discussion about it.

Euthanasia: A good death – let’s start a stronger discussion about it.
Euthanasia: A good death – let’s start a stronger discussion about it.

In truth, A. Babiš is almost “stolen” to the author of this gloss today, but he regrets that because of this, no more fundamental value-based political questions are de facto resolved. It is probably unnecessary to get upset that the overwhelming majority of Czech parties and movements cautiously promise everything, preferably at the same time – for example, that they will add more doctors, nurses, firefighters, pensioners, and judges, and at the same time, that they will reduce the record debt of our state.

As a lawyer and a citizen, it really saddens me that the topic of euthanasia, i.e. a good death, is completely forgotten in the public discourse.

The only small exception is the long-term activities of the Kladno lawyer and political scientist Milan Hamerský in this area. It can be loosely defined as the intentional termination of a person’s life by someone other than the person himself, at his own request.

In medias res: I present arguments why we should start seriously thinking about introducing the possibility of euthanasia.

Above all, euthanasia gives a free choice between really strong and serious suffering and a merciful death. Of course, a healthy and young person will say to themselves, everything can be won, however, for centuries there have been moments in human stories when suffering and helplessness have greatly crossed the imaginary Rubicon.

When there is no way back to at least a somewhat dignified and tolerable life.

Let’s not forget the religious aspect. In the Czech Republic, there are formally about thirty percent of religious people, many of whom, moreover, do not really believe in God or Gods, but are rather in some religious community or church, for example, for family reasons or they mainly want to create and strengthen social contacts. Attention, the author does not condemn it in any way, it is certainly better to use certain “unique religious psychotherapy” than to solve life’s problems with, for example, drugs or alcohol.

But most importantly, even if all thirty percent of religious people reject euthanasia for religious reasons, it gives them the right keep in checkthe majority of the rest of society? Moreover, for example, a number of non-Catholics (especially Hussites, Czech brothers and others), as far as I know from personal experience, are not fundamentally opposed to the idea of ​​euthanasia.

Apropos, some of the churches have already provided credible evidence that a person who has undergone a “merciful death” would lose the right to an afterlife in paradise or the right to “posthumous” such?

How popular singer Lou Fanánek Hagen (Three Sisters) satirically once glossed over the afterlife – Most people are not so much afraid that there will be nothing after death, rather they are afraid of getting worse.

Summary – let’s assume that euthanasia should be allowed in the Czech Republic in justified (completely marginal) and foreseeable cases.

Of course, under very strong supervision, both preventive, ongoing and subsequent, by the public administration.

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