Horse spooked in the streets of London: They were frightened by the noise from the construction, now they are in danger of death

Horse spooked in the streets of London: They were frightened by the noise from the construction, now they are in danger of death
Horse spooked in the streets of London: They were frightened by the noise from the construction, now they are in danger of death

Horses that spooked during a British Army regimental exercise on Wednesday morning and then ran through central London were apparently spooked by noise from a nearby building. Two of them are now in serious condition due to numerous clashes in the streets. The regiment is now facing criticism for the incident.

Frightened horses ran through the streets of London.

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Four injured people, five injured horses and several damaged cars. Such are the consequences of Wednesday’s events in London. In the city, animals serving in the British army’s Household Cavalry regiment, which can be seen in ceremonial parades, were spooked during a routine exercise in the morning. As already reported by Deník, the horse dropped the rider and subsequently they ran through the center of London for tens of minutes. Before the frightened animals could be caught, they crashed into several cars and a bus.

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More details about the event are now known. According to the army, the horse was spooked by noise from a nearby construction. Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment Commander Matt Woodward said. “Every day our regiment exercises with around 150 horses in the streets and parks of London. It keeps them fit and allows them to get used to the city noise. In the morning, however, several horses were spooked by the construction work. Construction material was falling from a height onto the road right next to them,” Woodward said in a statement

The noise startled seven horses, five of which tried to run away. The four dropped their riders and ran into the streets – Vida, Trojan, Quaker and Tennyson.

Lives at risk

Four people were injured when the horses ran away. “According to the military, three soldiers sustained non-life-threatening injuries and are now in hospital. The fourth injured is a cyclist,” the BBC reports.

The horses dropped their riders and then ran for tens of minutes through the center of London:

VIDEO: Spooked horses rushed through the streets of London. One of them even bloodied

Runaway horses ended up in the care of veterinarians. Two of them – Vida and Quaker – had to undergo surgery. It appears that their lives may be in danger. This was indicated by the words of British Defense Minister James Cartlidge to Sky News. “They are in serious condition, but as far as I know, they are still alive,” he said.

Incidents from the parades

Although representatives of the British military say that such incidents are isolated, according to some British commentators, the event points to a more serious problem. Riders from the Household Cavalry are an important part of the official military parade in honor of the King’s birthday, Trooping the Color, when the ride passes through The Mall. “If runaway horses were going to this particular show, then they were preparing for an event that would really test their temperament. There are crowds, cameras and all the hustle and bustle of a summer’s day along the parade route,” mentioned BBC royal commentator Sean Coughlan.

Last year’s Trooping the Color ceremony, during which King Charles III. the problem of directing your horse:

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It has already happened in the past that the animals could not handle the pressure at the parade – just last year he rode in it King Charles III on a horse that was restless. In 2022, in preparation for the parade on occasion platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II. a horse threw its rider in front of Buckingham Palace. And the British newspaper Daily Mail found out that the white runaway horse Vida has been frightened several times in the past. “At the coronation of Charles III. he should have kicked the soldier in the head,” the paper wrote.

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