Elite Russian troops: 900 of them should have fallen in Ukraine

According to the latest reports, Russia has lost more than 900 elite soldiers since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Publicly available data shows that they are 337 marines, 245 members of the National Guard special forces and riot police units, 151 military intelligence soldiers and 144 elite paratroopers, the Russian BBC reported. The Federal Security Service lost 20 soldiers and 67 fighter pilots. In addition, their training lasted 17 years and cost 14 million dollars (approximately 343,504,000 crowns in conversion).

Last week, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that Russia had lost up to 80,000 troops since it launched its invasion of Ukraine. At the end of March of this year, Russia admitted that 1,351 soldiers had been lost, but since then it has been silent on the death toll.

According to Western experts, it turned out that the Russian infantry is not ready for offensive operations. Because of this, their tasks had to be solved by elite units. However, these units have suffered significant losses and, according to experts, it will be problematic to replace them.

Marines were deployed primarily on the southern front. One of the fallen was the commander of the 810th brigade, Alexei Šarov. The authorized first aid kits of marines and other Russian military personnel contain a rubber tourniquet from the 1960s and do not include modern tourniquets, hemostatics and occlusive plasters, which have long been introduced in the medical bags of NATO countries. Because of this, wounded soldiers of the Russian army have a much lower chance of survival than their Western counterparts, reports the BBC.

Special units of the National Guard also had to join the fighting, although they mostly specialize in dispersing demonstrations or detaining individuals or small armed groups in Russia. They have been fighting the war since the first day of the invasion.

On September 1, the BBC managed to find out that ze 151 military intelligence soldiers are almost every fourth officer, which is roughly 22%. However, these figures do not reflect the actual number of casualties, but at least allow us to estimate how many combat forces military intelligence has lost. In Ukraine, the deputy commander of the 16th Guards Special Forces Brigade in the rank of lieutenant colonel, the chief of staff of the same brigade in the rank of major and also the company commander in the rank of captain died. The loss of special forces officers may be the most sensitive and difficult to replace for the Russian military, experts said to questions from BBC reporters. Their training can take up to 8 years, they added.

Major Andrey Kunakov is one of the dead. He was killed in the streets of Mariupol on March 19, when he was inspecting the conquered territory.

The elite paratroopers also suffered significant losses. It is estimated that there could be up to 650 injured paratroopers, which is more than half of the units of the 331st Regiment since the beginning of the war. The Federal Security Service lost 20 soldiers. Most of them were employed as border guards.


In Kherson, the base of the occupiers located in the hotel complex was destroyed, Ukrainian TV Nexta writes on Twitter. “This complex belongs to the collaborator Vladimir Salda, who is now being treated in a Moscow hospital after being poisoned,” supplied by the server.


The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense shared a video of a night shooting at one of the Russian tanks. “The night hunter, Bayraktar, not only brings our victory closer by destroying enemy equipment and manpower, but also brings Russia’s budget closer to collapse. In 3 days it meant a loss of 28 million dollars for them.” states on twitter.


The funeral of a Ukrainian sniper was held in Kyiv today. Members of the regiment in which the soldier served also came to pay their respects

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