Tennis mme. Only my head can spoil it, said Plkov. Then she bowed

Tennis mme. Only my head can spoil it, said Plkov. Then she bowed
Tennis mme. Only my head can spoil it, said Plkov. Then she bowed

Almost everyone knows French Nouni’s snot as an ass. Thus, his typical presentation was completed by the impressive backdrop of an interesting match, which culminated in the highly heated Grandstand.

It’s my stupidest decision, Plkov insists. We traveled together several times. He told me that he was dubbing some movies. I’m glad when he saves me.

Of course, other things were essential for his feeling and life. The ability to paste the service on the fly, to react more promptly to the stopball groups, to understand in different ways.

In what way did you have to adapt to turn the first part?
It was enough. We started in the daylight and rode under the spotlights. She played both well, she spoiled both. I played the first set more slowly and kept waiting for mistakes. After that, I started to go into it more and wrote down what paid off.

Did you feel the power in this set?
I didn’t reserve much in them. I somehow bowed it out. My game was pretty bad from the back, I pushed it a bit on my forehand, which is higher. Take satisfaction. The win is hard-fought, the performance wasn’t entirely spectacular and the feeling wasn’t entirely unreal. But vtzstv is great. More than an excellent hill.

Do you remember him because you went to bed last week with a broken leg?
Well first! And also because this year I only won the reindeer rescues.

What does it mean for you that in 2022 you will be appearing in the second week of the Grand Slam for the first time?
I don’t want to take it as an automatic vc. The hunter always gets upset, nervous and so on. I’m so glad. But I want to keep my feet on the ground, which I’m actually under. Vm, e doku include lp.

Did the two triumphs over Linette and Bouzková help you?
I’ll let you know when I have the right time. Agree to my terms here. During warm-up, I said to the boys: “My tennis, the only thing that can spoil me is my head.” She didn’t spoil it at all.

Have you learned to tune your form to the right moment?
When I started here with thorn, I really respected the time. Jene Leo (coach Friedl) told me that I had a bad form. The second day he repeated it. You can tell him that my wrong form has been going on for a long time.

Are you physically fine after the break?
I am I don’t have to worry about fitness at all, which is great. I sometimes have too much in my head. Guess when it’s one m. And when I play so many ts. I almost can’t beat anyone in two.

For a place in the quarterfinals, you will fight with Bloruska Azarenkova, you have a balance of 4:4. What kind of soup is it for you?
I know she collected a good title before giving birth. This situation is a little different. The rescue is open. But of course I have to play well, because on the concrete she is unpleasant, combative, so bitten. He did everything he could for life. But anci urit mm.

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