Transport accident on the D1, a van collided with a truck

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Just a few minutes before 5 p.m. on Monday, September 5, a traffic accident occurred on the D1 highway. A van collided with a truck on the main road between Ostrava and Olomouc.

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Traffic accident on D1 between Olomouc and Ostrava.

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From the preliminary information obtained so far, it follows that the driver of the van (1978) rear-ended a stationary truck in the convoy for reasons not yet determined.

“There are three injured people at the scene. The van driver and his two male passengers (years 2002 and 1999). Both drivers submitted to a breath test for the presence of alcohol in their breath with a negative result,” informed police spokeswoman Eva Michalíková.

Eva Drízgová-Jirušová.

Eva Dřízgová-Jirušová: the jubilee caught me in good shape

At the moment, the highway is passable on the right shoulder, while police officers are coordinating traffic on the spot. Drivers should now pay extra close attention to their instructions.

“All components of the integrated rescue system intervene on the spot. The police officers will now deal with the causes of this accident,” added Eva Michalíková.

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