PHOTO: “Children have forgotten to talk to each other,” says a man who teaches young people to survive in a crisis

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“It’s increasingly difficult to interest today’s children, they are often much more technically advanced than us adults. But they forget to live with nature and do not have the habits that their parents had quite automatically,” says Patrik Vácha, who received the governor’s medal for his work on behalf of the youth. We thank Helena Řebíčková for his interesting story.

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Patrik Vácha organizes camps for children.

| Photo: archive of P. Váchy

The commander of the protection platoon team at one of the supply companies of the Pardubice logisticians and also volunteer firefighter company Patrik Vácha has been working with the local youth in the young firemen’s club and organizing camps for children in his spare time for 21 years. For his work on behalf of the youth in the region, he was awarded this year with a medal for significant merit in the development of an integrated rescue system, which he received from the Governor of the Hradec Králové Region, Martin Červíček.

From the mobile bubble to the collective

“It is increasingly difficult to interest today’s children, they are often much further along technically than us adults. They often communicate with the help of various mobile applications and lose their natural ability to chat when they meet. At our camp, they get out of their mobile bubble into a group of people. Here they learn how to react in crisis situations and how to cope in the wild. Children experience heretofore unknown adventures. They forget to live with nature and do not have the habits that their parents had quite automatically. For many, it’s like a restart and a return to the roots in our over-technological age,” says Vácha. He organizes the camps not only for young firefighters, but over the years, children from all over the country have joined them, who sign up for other camps every year. “Of course, they most enjoy the trail of courage, the night ambush, the ring defense of the camp or the fight to save the camp flag. Here, children learn to live in a large team, how to help each other and a whole range of practical and useful skills that they also use in everyday life. The fact that the children return to us is the greatest award for us,” he adds. In conclusion, he adds that the theme of this year’s camp was “The Sorcerer” and everything was focused primarily on the children’s stay in nature and self-sufficiency in it.

Soldiers teach children the basics of survival and how to strengthen their physique

Soldiers from the 14th Logistics Support Regiment visit several children’s camps every year during the holidays. Their goal is not only to diversify the children’s program, but also to familiarize them with the army and show them the interesting things of the daily service of professional soldiers. The greatest interest is always in displays of military equipment, equipment and soldiers’ equipment. Enthusiastically, the young campers learn how to start a fire with flint and the basics of military climbing. They can also test their knowledge in various military-themed quizzes. They will personally try out how to properly put on a protective mask and put on a disposable raincoat or see what a soldier’s all-day combat ration of food, the so-called “BÉDÉPÉČKO”, looks like.

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