4 ways to build a mini house cheaply and legally

Living in a small cabin in the woods seems like a fantasy. It’s one of those things that many people dream of, but few actually achieve. In recent years, more and more people are interested in so-called tiny living. If you are one of those who are thinking about living in a small house, we bring you some useful information that may come in handy in making your dream come true.

What does tiny living mean?

The term tiny living refers to the trend of reducing the living space needed for living, simplifying living and basically living with as few things as possible and with the least possible consumption. Although it sounds adventurous and interesting, small living is not for everyone. It requires some commitment and connection with the overall lifestyle.

It is a good idea to rent a tiny house for 14 days and try living in it. This way you can easily find out how much space you need and how much is not enough. Houses are included in tiny living up to 45 m2. Check out these small buildings designed for year-round living in photo gallery.

Photo gallery:

ⓘ Photo: Shutterstock, Joe Fletcher, Jarusha Brown, Viva Collective

Why live in a tiny house?

There are many reasons why people want a tiny house. When you live in the perfect space, life is better. Although the house is small, new owners usually quickly find that this is all the space they need. Little space makes people think twice about accumulation of unnecessary things and all spaces are used meaningfully. Cleaning small rooms takes less time than cleaning seven or eight large rooms. Tiny houses often rely on renewable energy sources. Solar panels will help you save money because you won’t be dependent on the electricity grid.

Tiny house – heating

Small spaces are more easily heated, usually this is enough wood stove. Heating with wood is the simplest and cheapest, and it is also close to nature and ecological. The amount of wood that burns in a small space is minimal. It is advisable to supplement the stove electric heating for situations when you are not at home for a long time (the house would freeze).

Can I build a tiny house myself?

Of course, it is possible, and with good instructions, any skilled handyman can do it. But it requires considerable effort and, of course, time. For most future owners of tiny houses, it is easier to si order a ready-made house and have it built turnkey. For those who would like to try construction with their own help, here are some tips on how to do it.

A young student completed a tiny house for 450,000 near Karlovy Vary

1. A mini-house

Tiny houses in the shape of the letter A fit beautifully into the forest, and experienced DIYers know that the construction is not complicated at all. It is essentially an extended roof structure that fully replaces the vertical perimeter walls. If you are thinking of building such a mini-house yourself, be inspired by this article.

A-class mini-house, which is so simple that the owners managed to partially build it themselves

2. A small cabin

Who wouldn’t want to have a small cabin in the middle of the forest. A classic rectangular log cabin with small windows and a sloping roof looks beautiful. However, building it with your own hands from natural materials is not easy and requires real experience.

Enthusiastic teenager Erik built a log cabin with his own hands. It took him a year

3. Wooden tiny house

Building a simple wooden house is not as difficult as building a log cabin, but it does require certain knowledge and skills. Invite friends, each of them can certainly do something. Don’t be afraid to use massive wooden panels or other large-scale materials.

We managed to build a small house ourselves and it was unexpectedly great, say the owners

4. Tiny house on wheels

If you prefer a mobile home on wheels, we have a lot more detailed information for you in the article below. Also look into rich gallerywhere you can find lots of inspiring photos of mobile homes.

What is a year-round mobile home? Is a building permit needed and what should the authorities look out for?

PS Are you considering building a wooden building? Take part in the open day of wooden buildings, where you can personally visit over 50 completed or under construction buildings, as well as places where wooden buildings are manufactured, for free.

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In Pelhřimov there is a magical maringotka, which hides a beautiful story of three friends. Take a look at a small DIY tiny house in our photo gallery.

The amazing tiny house with a swimming barrel in Vysočina is almost finished, only the enclosure with the alpacas is missing. See photos from the construction of the tiny house and the amazing final result.

Barbora and Tibor built themselves a small house in which they decided to live until her child was born. Read their story in the article.

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