Accident in Bratislava: The car of death was driven by a high official!

The accident happened on Sunday around ten o’clock in the evening. The Škoda Superb driver drove into the Zochova public transport stop, which was full of people at the time. He knocked over several people, bodies flying through the air due to the strong impact. In total, the tragic accident claimed five lives and injured five, three of whom are in a critical condition. One of the victims is a 21-year-old woman who died in hospital.

The rescuers together with the firemen tried to help them soon after the accident, but in vain. In addition, some victims were wedged under the crashed vehicle. It stopped about a hundred meters from the mentioned stop in the park, where it crashed into a tree. Debris was strewn all over the street at night, and among them lay the bodies of the knocked down innocent people.

The driver took a deep breath

According to Slovak Interior Minister Roman Mikulce, the driver was under the influence of alcohol. “According to the current information I have, the driver was under the influence of alcohol,” the minister said on Facebook. He added that paramedics are currently fighting for the lives of the seriously injured, whom they are trying to save. “I believe and I strongly hope that they will succeed,” he added.

The server said that the driver is to be the general secretary of the Deaflympics Committee Dušan D., his son Lukáš works as a controller in the committee. He too is among the critically injured.


According to police chief Štefan Hamran, the police arrested the driver on Sunday, he had breathed 1.6 parts per million of alcohol! In addition, according to the police chief, he behaved arrogantly at the crime scene. “He was aggressive. It is shocking to us that someone who causes an accident behaves aggressively towards the police and rescuers who respond to the scene.” described Hamran at a press conference. The passenger, apparently the son, was also drunk – he breathed one per million. The driver ended up in the hospital, from which he was released.

Documenting the tragic accident continued early in the morning. Slovak police officers are also making a big appeal for possible witnesses to this event. They can also subscribe to messages on their Facebook.

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The driver of the Superb, which hit and killed several people at a bus stop in Bratislava on Sunday, is a high-ranking official.

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