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For bedding, many preferred artificial fibers rather than natural ones. Feathers, which were so revered by our grandmothers, have become difficult to maintain from a modern point of view. But today’s technological processing is much further, and feathers pay for top fillings.

Odorless goose down

Concerns about the typical smell of feathers are odd. Only feathers from geese raised primarily for food purposes are used in the duvets and pillows, on certified farms according to animal welfare standards.

How to choose duvets and pillows for quality sleep

How to do it

The obtained feathers are thus sent for processing still moist and undercooled, which are essential conditions for it to be free of natural odor. This is followed by cleaning in more than 20 cycles.

The feathers are strictly hygienically tested and no chemicals are used in the production of the fillings.

Photo: Lejaan

Down bedding has certain long-term fluffiness and insulating capabilities


Photo: Lejaan

Depending on the specific dimensions, the ratio of down and down feathers in feather pillows changes

How to care for fillings

High-quality feather fillings in combination with a mild detergent can be washed without worries at 60° C. Once a year is enough. If you want to use a dryer, set a lower, gentler temperature.

Smaller dimensions of pillows can be dried freely, but without direct sunlight. Don’t worry about washing, the bedding will breathe and become fluffy again.

You know that…

  • Down feathers are the softest, obtained from the chest of geese and have the highest heating value.
  • With proper care, it is also suitable for allergy sufferers. The dense and extremely strong fabric in which the feathers are stuffed is important.
  • Feather residues are used as part of the raw materials for biogas production.

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Bedding with goose down filling deserves to be wrapped in soft natural materials in subtle tones


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When choosing bed linen, you can also be inspired by the canvases of old painters

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