In the east of Ukraine, a car carrying a dignitary flew into the air


In the occupied Starobilsk in the east of Ukraine on Monday, a car with local dignitary Valery Chaika, whom Kyiv identified as a collaborator, blew up. Ukrainian and Russian media reported it. The news was confirmed by Vladimir Chernev, the Russian-appointed mayor of the Ukrainian city, which lies about 85 kilometers from Luhansk and had a population of around 17,000 before the war.

The car exploded about an hour and a half past noon near the local branch of Luhansk University. Investigators, criminal investigators, rescuers and members of the Russian Guard arrived at the scene, Russian media reported.

Footage from the scene of the crime was published on the social network by the spokesman of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army South Sergej Bratchuk, the RBK-Ukraine server reported and recalled that Chaika used to be a local representative in Starobilsk for the pro-Russian Party of Regions, before he switched to the side of the enemy who appointed him after the Russian invasion of Ukraine adviser to the head of the district. Last year, the Ukrainian secret service SBU accused Chaika of collaborating with the enemy.

The RBK-Ukraine server recalled a series of assassinations of well-known collaborators and representatives of the Russian occupation administration, for example the assassination of a policeman collaborating with the occupiers, carried out last November 10 in Mariupol, or last month in Berdyansk an attack on a woman helping the Russians organize presidential elections with Vladimir in the occupied territories Putin in the role of the main favorite.

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