Last year he went out into the world to walk around it. That he would give up is out of the question

Last year he went out into the world to walk around it. That he would give up is out of the question
Last year he went out into the world to walk around it. That he would give up is out of the question

During the entire trip, Campbell should walk around 40 thousand kilometers, currently he is not even a third of the way at around 10,200 kilometers. He plans to visit a total of 30 countries on four continents, so far he has visited Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Bangladesh. The Australian has already managed to walk through six pairs of shoes and, apart from wild and poisonous animals, he has not encountered any significant danger, on the contrary, he praises kind and sympathetic people.

“I spent a lot of time looking at maps and daydreaming. Then I thought, why don’t I just go around the world?” Campbell told the Daily Mail about how the idea for the trip came about. “In terms of experiences, it was the busiest year of my life,” added the young man, who set out on his pilgrimage last February and started it characteristically at the Opera in Sydney. He then traveled across Australia for six months.

From Darwin he sailed to Indonesia, where he visited the islands of Bali, Flores and Lombok. From there he traveled via Singapore to Thailand. And although he tries to walk where possible, he once helped himself to a plane when he just flew from Thailand to Bangladesh.

Indonesia has gotten under Campbell’s skin the most so far. “The people were incredibly friendly and the food was great too. Each of the islands is unique and there are many volcanoes to climb,” the Australian stated.

There were also inconveniences

Bangladesh was also a big surprise. Although he felt nervous at first because of the smaller number of tourists, he said that in the end the visit to the country was amazing. “People welcomed me with incredible warmth. And because they love cricket there, they were excited that I was from Australia,” Campbell said of the sport, which is popular with the opposition.

He also encountered obstacles on his way. For example, the monsoon in Malaysia or encounters with dangerous animals such as scorpions, snakes or crocodiles were unpleasant. The latter surprised him right away in Australia.

Campbell spends the following months crossing the Himalayas. And although he still has a really long way to go, he doesn’t even think about blowing the whistle on the whole mission. “Of course I encountered inconveniences and challenges. But I also set out on the journey for the purpose of overcoming myself and being able to grow thanks to the experiences I have gained.”

And what does he have planned when he reaches his destination in three years? “I’m looking forward to getting together with my friends and family. As for my life’s journey, I’m not sure. But I still have a long way to go, so I have a lot of time to think it over,” he concluded.

He walks from Nepal to Třebíč. The Czech-Italian youth is a media star in Asia


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