Three hours would be enough for Belarusian scrap, the Polish general responds to Lukashenko


“Lukashenko has nothing to fear now. It only has a bit of scrap that they repaired and with which they drive by the border and make noise as if it were an armored army,” Skrzypczak reassured the Polish public.

The retired general also said that in the summer of 2022, when Russia was short of weapons destroyed in the war after launching a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, Moscow allegedly simply took them from Belarus and never returned them.

“Actually, there’s nothing to worry about since this technique is not combat capable. In the event of a military conflict, Poland would need two to three hours to destroy it,” said Skrzypczak, who headed the Polish ground forces from 2006 to 2009.

Lukashenko: We are preparing for war, but we don’t want it


Belarus is providing support to Russia in its invasion of Ukraine. Lukashenko spoke about “preparations for war” during a visit to the city of Grodno, which is located near the border with Poland and Lithuania. However, he emphasized at the same time that his country is trying to avoid it.

Preparations are said to include unit exercises and the delivery of weapons and equipment to the military.

Poland is strengthening its defenses on the borders with Russia and Belarus


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