Alexandr Mitrofanov: The Russians are kneeling, they know they are rebelling, but they cannot help but kneel

Alexandr Mitrofanov: The Russians are kneeling, they know they are rebelling, but they cannot help but kneel
Alexandr Mitrofanov: The Russians are kneeling, they know they are rebelling, but they cannot help but kneel

This is, of course, the reaction of the population of the Russian Federation to the so-called partial mobilization announced by Vladimir Putin. It is so called because the relevant presidential decree does not say anything about partiality.

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In the Czech public space, I have noticed certain expectations that now the Russians will finally wake up when it comes to their lives and start a real rebellion against Putin’s regime.

Anyone who follows the news knows that nothing like that happened. As many times before, several thousand people took to the streets in larger cities and the police arrested more than a thousand. When these people were brutally beaten by the gunmen, there were many onlookers standing around and, in the best case scenario, someone was filming the horror on a mobile phone. No rebellion.

They knelt and waited

This is, of course, a message about the mental state of those who went to protest after all. That’s a tiny minority. In the available polls, the mood of Russians is split roughly in half. Some reject mobilization, others welcome it and are ready to lay down their lives for the Emperor, the lord… sorry, for Vladimir Vladimirovich. The others are captured in the ever-increasing videos from places where they board military buses and say they are going to shoot themselves.

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Opponents, having an enterprising spirit, immediately set out for the still accessible and permeable borders of Russia. Finland and Georgia were at a premium until Finnish officials let it be known that they would close the country to the Russians. Those who always preferred to be passive asked, for example, the ex-editor-in-chief of the banned Echo of Moscow Alexei Venediktov in his online show on YouTube. Two questions fascinated me the most: “How could the situation have reached what we have today” and “Where to run and what to do”.

Michael Nacke, a former editor of Echo of Moscow and a long-standing independent vlogger, again wrote that viewers ask him for advice on how to hide from the mobilization. They ask from Russia, but Nacke has been in exile in Georgia for a long time. What is the level of these residents of the Russian Federation and how dangerous they are for Putin, it is not necessary to explain at length. Zero from zero will do.

It is useful to know classic Russian literature. Mikhail Lermontov, one of its pillars, wrote in 1841: “Farewell, unwashed Russia, land of slaves, land of masters. Farewell, blue uniforms, and to you, the people who are devoted to them.”

And Mikhail Saltykov-Shčedrin wrote in 1870 about the inhabitants of this Hloupětín in the immortal book History of one city (in the Czech translation History of the city of Hloupětín), which in my opinion is the best description of Russia: “They knelt and waited. They knew they were rebelling like this, but they couldn’t help but kneel.”

The classics knew their Pappenheim.

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