New product from Xiaomi for precise household cleaning: What can it do?

  • Xiaomi is expanding its portfolio of products for the home
  • It has launched a floor cleaner with interesting features in China
  • For example, it can sterilize tap water by electrolysis

Xiaomi has a wealth of experience in manufacturing household cleaning products. In his portfolio we can find several robotic and stick vacuum cleaners or, for example, a compact handheld vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that resembles a plastic bottle and was recently included in its range by Lidl. Now the company has introduced another innovation for precise cleaning on the domestic market.

Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Floor Scrubber 3 Pro is a relatively expensive toy for more demanding consumers, which boasts a lot of useful functions and mechanisms for the most effective removal of dirt. Specifically, we are talking about a floor cleaner with a flexible black design that supports 180° bending and 48.5° rotation. As a result, it is possible to get the device into narrow spaces, for example under a low couch.

One of the key features of the product is technology Superplan 2.0, which not only prevents liquid from entering the motor, but also ensures that the brush is in constant contact with the floor in order to make cleaning more efficient. Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Floor Scrubber 3 Pro, which works completely wirelessly and has LED display for status monitoring, can clean itself with hot water up to 60 °C. Apparently he can too to prepare sterilization water by electrolysis from just tap water, which ensures a more perfect cleaning of the floor and eliminates the need for additional chemicals.


The Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Floor Scrubber 3 Pro is currently available for pre-order in China for 1,999 yuan, i.e. some 6,600 CZK without tax. At the moment, we cannot say whether the product will ever reach the country.

Would you buy a household cleaning device from Xiaomi?

Sources: Gizmochina, XiaomiToday

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