The best tires for the Karoq are from the Czech Republic: 215/55 R17 summer tire test for your compact SUV


The annual test of new tires by the German car club ADAC was done this time without a scandalous failure, and even Chinese tires did not embarrass themselves as in the past. Their biggest problem has always been resistance to aquaplaning and wet performance, which seems to have improved. Even so, the test did not bring any big surprises and established brands performed solidly. We can be pleased that the winning tire from Continental is produced in the Czech Republic.

Again, however, it is necessary to point out that in recent years, ADAC has fundamentally changed its long-standing evaluation system, which has always focused primarily on dynamic properties. Now the assessment also includes the ecological aspects of tires, i.e. how “eco” is the origin of materials, production and distribution of tires.

Fortunately, ADAC always reports the measured results from the test, so when we tabulate it all and clean it for the sustainability aspect, we actually get a really nice comparison of the actual dynamic and comfort qualities of the 215/55 R17 tires for your compact SUV, which is probably what you’re most interested in and that’s what you’re here for. For detailed results and an explanation of the measurement methodology, you can look at the website of the German ADAC. And at the end of the article, don’t forget to vote in our poll!

We attach it here in simplified tables and arrange the main one according to the total grade obtained in the test:

ADAC mark Transverse aquaplaning (m/s2) Longitudinal aquaplaning (km/h) Dry braking distance (100-0 km/h) Braking distance on wet asphalt (80-0 km/h) Braking distance wet concrete vm (80-0 km/h) Fuel consumption (at 100 km/h) vl/100 km External noise in dB(A) according to ISO Estimated tire tread Price in € Tire abrasion in mg/km/tv depending on weight Weight in kg EU label (rolling resistance/wet/noise) Mass and speed index Place of manufacture
Continental Premium Contact 7 2.0 2.8 74.0 35.4 28.5 32.0 5.9 71.3 60300 174.0 60.1 10.1 C/A/71 dB(A) 98 W Czechia
Michelin Primacy 4+ 2.1 2.9 75.3 37.3 31.1 37.1 5.8 71.7 60300 182.0 48.1 9.5 B/A/70dB(A) 98 W Germany/Spain
Kumho Ecsta HS52 2.3 3.0 73.8 38.1 32.8 35.8 5.9 72.6 69300 123.0 55.0 10.5 C/A/72 dB(A) 98 W China/Korea
Debica Presto UHP 2 2.6 3.3 77.3 37.9 34.6 37.4 5.9 71.6 42700 120.0 80.8 9.4 C/A/71 dB(A) 98 W Slovenia
Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 2.6 3.5 77.8 37.5 34.4 38.2 5.9 71.8 43700 156.0 79.8 9.6 C/A/70dB(A) 98 W Slovenia
Bridgestone Turanza 6 2.6 3.2 78.5 38.0 34.6 39.9 5.7 71.4 47900 169.0 73.0 8.8 B/A/70dB(A) 98 W Spain
Fulda SportControl 2 2.6 3.3 77.7 37.8 34.9 38.3 5.9 71.7 40400 138.0 82.5 9.3 C/A/71 dB(A) 98 Y Slovenia
Hankook Ventus Prima4 2.7 2.7 74.3 38.1 32.8 39.1 5.7 71.6 49900 138.0 58.7 9.5 B/A/69 dB(A) 98 W Korea/Hungary
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 2.7 3.1 74.9 37.9 33.3 38.3 5.8 71.0 68800 167.0 51.9 9.1 B/A/70dB(A) 98 W Germany/Poland
Falken Ziex ZE 310 EcoRun 2.8 3.3 77.4 37.7 32.6 36.3 6.0 71.4 46300 132.0 72.0 10.7 C/A/69dB(A) 98 W Turkey
Nexen N’Fera Primus 3.0 3.2 75.1 38.4 33.0 37.2 5.9 71.7 40800 127.0 73.5 9.4 B/B/70dB(A) 98 W Czechia
Goodride Solmax 1 3.0 3.3 76.7 38.9 35.1 40.1 5.9 71.5 35600 120.0 87.3 9.8 C/A/72 dB(A) 98 W China
Sailun Atrezzo ZSR2 3.0 3.1 76.4 37.7 32.7 40.0 5.7 70.0 38000 107.0 81.2 10.0 B/A/69 db(A) 98 W China
Semperit Speed-Life 3 3.1 3.1 76.8 40.9 33.6 39.5 5.8 71.7 55200 139.0 67.4 9.7 C/B/72dB(A) 98 W Romania
Linglong Sport Master 3.3 2.8 74.2 37.3 33.2 37.3 5.9 70.6 37400 95.0 70.4 9.9 C/A/69dB(A) 98 Y China
Vredestein Ultrac 3.8 3.5 78.4 37.8 34.1 36.3 5.9 71.8 27200 139.0 102.7 9.5 C/A/69dB(A) 98 Y Hungary

If scrolling does not work, or if you want to see the numbers at once, you can download the table of results sorted by the overall grade awarded by ADAC as an image:

Photo: ADAC

Tire results measured during the ADAC auto club test

Since each of us drives the car a little differently, the requirements for the characteristics of the tires in specific conditions can also be different. We have already shown in winter tire tests that some can excel in selected conditions, although overall they are rather average.

How are they doing in each category?

We have also sorted the results of the tire test according to the ratings in the categories that you might be most interested in, such as resistance to aquaplaning, braking distance on different surfaces and in different conditions, external noise, fuel consumption or even estimated wear, and therefore also expected mileage and tire life.


Photo: ADAC auto club test results

The Vredestein Ultrac tire spoiled a really good result (thanks to decent wet properties) with high wear and the shortest estimated run in the test. Otherwise, with an overall grade of 2.3, she would probably be among the top three.

Braking distance (dry)


Photo: ADAC auto club test results

There was a really big difference of more than five meters between the best and worst tire in the test when braking in the dry. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s the distance of the whole car and it can decide if you brake it or not in an emergency situation.

Braking distance (wet)


Photo: ADAC auto club test results

The difference in braking distance on wet asphalt of 6.6 m between the best and worst result is also quite large. But we’ve seen worse.


Photo: ADAC auto club test results

On wet concrete, the measured difference in braking distance from 80 km/h between the best and worst tire was almost eight meters. That’s really a lot.

Fuel consumption


Photo: ADAC auto club test results

The ADAC auto club also measured fuel consumption, and the difference of up to 0.3 liters per 100 km between the tires does not seem significant. Still, it says something about rolling resistance. But for many people, other parameters will probably be more important, especially those related to security.



Photo: ADAC auto club test results

The quietest are the tires that did not perform particularly well in the test. But the third place for a fairly decent Goodyear confirms our long-term experience with the low noise tires of this brand. Those who like silence in their cars should be interested in Goodyear tires. But the sometimes noisy Continental has improved and is in tow, as are the really good Bridgestones. It is also interesting that the measured noise values ​​are often quite different from the data on the mandatory EU label.

Estimated raid


Photo: ADAC auto club test results

ADAC estimates Kumho and Goodyear tires to have the highest durability, but Continental and Michelin didn’t disappoint either (all mentioned should last over 60,000 km). Vredestein spoiled his position among the top three with a very short lifespan.

The comparison by tire weight is also interesting, the differences in the tested tires can be almost 2 kg. It doesn’t seem like much, but whoever is looking for precise features in a car needs light wheels. The unsprung mass is then known. In this regard, Bridgestone tires are the lightest tested.

Hopefully, the test by the German ADAC helped you get your bearings and make it easier for you to choose new tires for your car. We just have to remind you again that these results only apply to the tested size 215/55 R17 and a relatively high weight index, as these are tires intended mainly for modern compact SUVs and crossovers. In the case of a different specification of these tires, the measured values ​​may differ and it will be necessary to look for the test results in your particular size and design.

Poll: Does price matter? Or do you want the best there is? Vote!

We’re really interested in how you decide when choosing tires. Do you choose mainly based on the price and don’t care about the test results at all? Do you attach any importance to the mandatory “euro label”? What is most important to you in tires? Vote in our attached poll and feel free to write comments.

How do you choose new tires?

I will pay extra for tires with the best overall results in comparison tests.

Long life and low wear are most important to me.

I just want top dry performance, I don’t care about anything else.

I always want the best wet tires.

I have a limited budget and within it I am looking for the best tires according to comparative tests.

I always buy only the cheapest new tires available in my size, I don’t care about the test results.

Because of the price, I buy used, but always branded tires.

I don’t deal with this at all, I drive the old winters until the wires come out of the tires. And then I’ll buy some second-hand “Chinese winters” on a base for a few hundred.

A total of 9 readers voted.

We will evaluate the poll results later and write something about it.

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