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  • 88,898 customers ordered an electric car from Xiaomi in the first 24 hours
  • After the SU7 electric sedan, Xiaomi is also reportedly preparing its own SUV
  • It could appear on the market already at the end of this year

The Chinese company Xiaomi is known not only for its smartphones, but also lends its brand to other manufacturers of various accessories. We can find the popular brand on rice cookers, screwdrivers, or even umbrellas. Electric cars are no exception, which have been experiencing a boom in recent years, and according to many, they are the future.

At this year’s MWC in Barcelona, ​​we got to see with our own eyes the SU7 electric sedan, which didn’t look bad at all, even if it did bear a striking resemblance to the competition from Stuttgart (yes, I mean the Porsche Taycan, by the way, watch this video). Xiaomi is now reportedly preparing another electric car for its portfolio, specifically an SUV, which it wants to launch by the end of this year.

Xiaomi is also on social networks https://twitter.com/leixing77/status/1773720678753022354?s=20that in the first 24 hours, exactly 88,898 people ordered the SU7 in its home country of China, which is a great number.

Electric SUV from Xiaomi?

This speculation comes from unnamed Chinese sources, and while the planned production of the SUV is no surprise (given their popularity), the end-of-year launch target seems ambitious and should be taken with a grain of salt. Xiaomi is known for its fast product launches in the smartphone space, but the automotive industry typically operates at a slower pace. However, Xiaomi is under pressure to enter the fast-growing SUV market – a number of Chinese EV startups such as Nio, Li Auto and XPeng have recently focused on SUVs.

Xiaomi SU7 carXiaomi SU7 car

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The launch of the electric sedan was probably a strategic move by Xiaomi to differentiate itself from its domestic competition that mainly produces SUVs. But as it seems, the company cannot avoid its production after all. Respectable sales figures for the SU7 sedan (more than 50,000 orders in the first 27 minutes) indicate that there is a lot of interest in Xiaomi electric cars. Xiaomi is likely to see similar success in the SUV segment as well, where the numbers could be even slightly better. Although the news should be taken with a grain of salt due to the absence of an official statement and an aggressive timetable, one thing is clear – Xiaomi does not underestimate electromobility.

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