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Apple maintains a very long software support for iPhones and iPads, which Android manufacturers are only slowly catching up to. Even so, there are two milestones in the life cycle of Apple devices. After years, Apple will first classify them as “obsolete” and then move them to the “obsolete” section. Both boxes received two new additions over the weekend. What does this mean for their existing users?

The iPhone 6 Plus is already considered “obsolete” by Apple worldwide. After ten years from its launch on the market, official services will no longer provide any repairs or keep spare parts in stock

Apple under the label “runaway” (“vintage” in English) lists mobile devices that have been sold for five to seven years. It’s really not a typo. Apple doesn’t care about the time since sales started, but it does keep track of five years since it stopped selling some of its mobile devices. Once that time interval is up, it puts it on a never-ending list. This currently applies to the iPad Mini 4.

After iOS updates, the possibility of repairs also ends

If you are still among its users, there is no reason to panic yet. Major software updates have already ended with iPadOS 15, but authorized service centers must service this tablet for at least two more years. On the other hand, Apple no longer has to guarantee the availability of components, if they are not available, a possible repair will of course be quite problematic.

It is far worse in the case of mobile devices that are included in the section “obsolete” (“seasoned” in English). This recently applies to the iPhone 6 Plus, which Apple stopped offering more than seven years ago. For potential existing users, this means that Apple has ended all service for this iPhone, and contract service providers can no longer order any parts for it. The only option is, in case of problems, to turn to unofficial services, which, however, may not have access to original parts.

But you have to think about the fact that we are talking about an iPhone released in 2014. With Androids from the same year, no one would probably think for a second about repairing a damaged phone…

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